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Troma Classic Rabid Grannies First Time Bluray!

Rabid-Grannies-blurayRabid Grannies
Blu-ray + DVD Combo (2 discs)
Label: Troma

Director: Emmanuel Kervyn
Cast: Danielle Daven, Anne Marie Fox, Jack Mayar, Elliot Lison, Francoise Moens

Grannies are the greatest. They bake pies, tell stories and take you to the zoo. They don’t ask for an arm and a leg in return. THEY WANT YOUR WHOLE BODY! It’s off to grandmother’s house we go for Rabid Grannies, the blood-splattered tale of two little old ladies who open a surprise package from Hell. Out slithers a mysterious fog that turns the grannies into ghouls who can’t wait to sink their dentures into human flesh. Luckily for them, they have a houseful of juicy guests. Unluckily for their guests, these bone-crunching battle-axes just can’t get filled up. RABID GRANNIES — these biddies bite!

Bonus Features:

  • Includes 2 cuts of the movie – Rabid Grannies and Rabid Grannies The Producer’s Cut
  • Deleted scenes
  • Interview with the producer
  • What the hell happened to you?
  • Tromatic trailers

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