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Book Review: 28 Days Later: the Aftermath TPB – Author Steve Niles

Written by Steve Niles
Edited by Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Dennis Calero , Diego Olmos, Nat Jones, Ken Branch
Published by Harper Paperbacks

Publication Date: 2007
Format: Color – 112 pages
Price: $17.99

From Fox Atomic, comes a graphic novel based on the hugely popular film by the same name “28 Days”. This version titled: “After Math” follows the creation of the rage virus from laboratory to final release. As the future has come upon the world, the scientists study the violence that plagues our streets per way of multi monitors. The solution seems to be in the idea of containing the violence by subduing it per way of a control substance. The method of dispersion being a viral outbreak similar to the flu. Idealistic and determined, they continue testing upon subjects. With unfortunate results, they turn to a monkey testing subject. The virus though takes on a different form, that of the “Rage” that they are so trying to curb. As in any scientific goof, the monkey gets loose and the rest is the downfall of mankind. Mankind turning into zombie like creatures that run rampant infecting others and destroying all in there path. This is how the book starts of which is divided into 4 stories. The origin being the first.

In our next adventure, a gunslinging survivor battles out against the city over way of found weapontry and a bit of determination. As he soon finds that he is alone in his quest he sniper shots as many of these transformed humans as he can fit into the day. Though as he soon finds, this quest might be short lived as other means are already decided for him.

Our remaining tales show a new society gone mad as they attempt to quarantine survivors with no indication of intentions. The few remaining group together and fight, the only solution remaining. Though as more is revealed we find out who is really responsible and the consequences they must face for such a careless slip of destruction upon the world.

Art work is professional and easily read as the talents of 4 artist contribute there talents to this apocalyptic read. Most is pretty standard pen and ink while others get a little more stylish with scratchier looser inking’s for a higher visceral presentation.

A bonus feature is the original script to act 3 before going into illustration form for interested readers.

A pretty cool TPB for fans of the movies. This takes the idea a bit further than the original story with some intertwining plots.

A Fox Atomic release available from Harper Collins
Also available from www.amazon.com

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