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Book Review: Fatal Consequences – Author JG Faherty

Fatal-Consequences-by-JG-FahertyFATAL CONSEQUENCES
By JG Faherty
Samhain Publishing
78 Pages

After narrowly escaping a vicious bear attack Alec Winter flees the scene only to return and find his children brutally slain while his wife is holding on by a thread. While everyone perceives him to be a hero, he must grapple with the reality of their tragic deaths. Will his remorse and sorrow be the ultimate fate for Alec Winter or will an unworldly force hold him responsible for the Fatal Consequences?

I’ve always been a huge fan of JG Faherty’s work and among the hundreds of books I devour each year no other author has graced my must read list more times than he. Each dark adventure never ceases to amaze me in creativity, imagination and diversity. His style and prose is every bit as infectious as one Stephen King or Dean Koontz.

In Fatal Consequences we’re unleashed into the midst of action in the opening sequences. Even the most afflicted with attention deficit disorder cannot deny being reeled deep into fray. We trek on through the pulse pounding action, anxious to see what unfolds next.

The use of inner monologue and reflection from one Alec Winter accentuates raw emotion into the story telling process. We sympathize with his plight instantly without even fully realizing it. The reader is beckoned with the age old question of what if? What exactly would I do if in Mr. Winter’s shoes?

His survivor guilt is an effective theme that we don’t see an awful lot of in contemporary horror literature, at least quite in this fashion. Alec manages to manifest the weight of the world on his shoulders and can barely cope day to day. The unconditional love he possess for his children somewhat clout’s his decision making later on. Yet author Faherty highlights these emotions with subtlety, another human reaction to enhance the plausibility of his character.

Fatal Consequences can perhaps be best described as a psychological thriller that highlights the superego. The regret that plagues Alec from the loss of his children is paralyzing and a very real terror many of us can readily relate to.

When he attends church service in attempt to restore some normality in life, Alec hears Father Hayden’s sermon delivered on moral merit. The dialogue enhances the rising tension of inner turmoil within our protagonist. He broods over his actions, reactions and continues to punish himself. As he casually lies to his wife and dismisses himself, it’s yet another cleaver subtlety but very human side unveiled.

The vivid descriptions of the paranormal intervention breathe compelling life into action. It’s near impossible to put this read down as we tear through the pages in a frenzy to see what happens next. Faherty has an unprecedented gift for luring the reader into the suspense with adrenaline fuelled excitement. The final act unfolds in a way that just may make you think twice about going in the woods again.

By Dave Gammon

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