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Film Review: Red Scream Nosferatu (2009)



Red Scream Nosferatu is an edgy, blood-drenched revisioning of the classic original vampire film. When Jonothan Harker travels to the castle of Count Orlok on business he instead becomes a prisoner of the Count and the plaything of the Count’s three vampire brides. When Orlok abandons the castle to make Jonothan’s wife Mina his new love, the three brides seek to transform Jonothan into their new master through a ritual of torture and blood. Fusing elements of the original film and the original Dracula novel with a steampunk aesthetic Red Scream Nosferatu pays respectful homage to the original film while infusing new blood into this classic vampire tale.


I am not as familiar with the original version of “Nosferatu” of which this film bases its storyline on. However, as a curious enthusiast of low quality film making, I thought it was due time to take a look into the Red Scream version titled “Red Scream’s Nosferatu“. The film itself was available at the time of writing as a free Youtube offering from the company of same name. Much of it feels like it directly borrows from the movie “Bram Stokers Dracula”, but……don’t let it fool ya with its well written synopsis, this film has issues.

The product is one of the “vampire-themed” movies created and directed by David R. Williams, a low budget filmmaker who gained some negative recognition for embezzling from his previous employer (the funds needed to bring his unique but flawed visions to life). I suppose the criminal back history on this, makes it slightly more interesting.

Red-Scream-Nosferatu-2009-movie-(7) Red-Scream-Nosferatu-2009-movie-(1)

The movie begins on the note of the much familiar journey of Jonathan Harker (Richard Lovejoy) heading overseas towards the Carpathians to visit a faraway castle that just so happens to be the home to several vampires. Harker was assigned the task of acquiring signature on a deed.

Count Orlok, the “master” to these parts, is the welcoming host who’s old school ways and strange demeanor often provide a level of uncomfortable-ness to those who dare rear their heads in his part of the country. During his stay, Harker is frequented by vampire concubines and visions of Orlok haunting his dreams (jealousy within the ranks that crave Orlok’s attention).

Manager Renfield who frequents his obsession of consuming small insets is played by actor Robert Bozek. Though the performance here is squashed by the inclusion of a laughable high-pitched accent that is more humorous to listen to than take seriously. (no really…….it’s quite damn funny)

Red-Scream-Nosferatu-2009-movie-(2) Red-Scream-Nosferatu-2009-movie-(3)

I didn’t get the gist of this film with the exception that Harker was assigned to get a deed signed by Count Orlok. I attribute this to a script that seemed to be a bit to wordy and attempting to present in a classical sense but coming across more like chapters read in book.

Points off for director audio accidentally left in the mix of the film……..(low budget mistakes abroad). While you have to be realistic to the pains of low budget film making, I would have to suggest that the film may have presented better if shot on anything “besides” standard definition and 4:3 formatting. The music score was appropriate for a gothic atmosphere to the film, I just didn’t care much for the compositions themselves. I’m not entirely sure but perhaps it was the dated synth sounds being used. Sound overall on this film is bad. I’m not speaking of the score, but of the sound editing itself. Overdubbed voices clearly cut in and out (which could have been hidden more if not for total silence in some of these parts). If the message wasn’t clear from review….well, this movie was just not ready for public consumption.


In summary, the product is what you signed up for, a piece of low budget film making that does demonstrate a love for its influence but falls short due to its format and production issues.

Red-Scream-Nosferatu-2009-movie-(5) Red-Scream-Nosferatu-2009-movie-(6)

Frequenter to Buffalo horror productions actor Michael O’Hear provides the best acting performance here as Van Helsing which largely overshadows some of the more amateur-acting attempts of this cast. But then again, those attempts are what made me laugh……. Michael may not realize it yet, but he’s ready for much bigger roles.

I do have to give kudos to the makeup job on Nosferatu, impressive for this class of film.

Really if you are looking for a film to watch, then just stick with the much better version of this story called “Bram Stokers Dracula“. “Red Scream Nosferatu” is an amateur attempt that should have stayed on the director’s experimental project shelf, not released for purchase (then again the Youtube link fixes that issue).

The only real saving grace here is that it’s branded with the name of the film company to avoid “Red Scream –  Nosferatu“.

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