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Horror Funding: Kentucky to Deliver VOLUMES OF BLOOD

A new horror anthology from Verite Cinema and produced through the Unscripted Film School program at the Daviess County Public Library.


Verite Cinema brings you a new horror anthology produced through their Unscripted Film School program at the Daviess County Public Library. Volumes of Blood is produced by Jim Blanton and P.J. Starks the team behind the indie horror short Lucky. The production will take place from August through November 2014; where 5 indie horror directors will create their horrific visions in Owensboro, KY with an all local/regional cast and crew. A majority of the funds raised will be used to create our awesome visual fx, get food for the cast/crew and help compensate some of the traveling cast.

The films are:
That’s A Wrap! – Directed by DP Bonnell (Happy Hooker Bang Bang) A Little Pick Me Up – Directed by John Kenneth Muir (The House Between) Ghastly – Directed by P.J. Starks (Hallows Eve: Slaughter on Second Street) Encyclopedia Satanica – Directed by Nathan Thomas Milliner (A Wish For The Dead) 13 After Midnight – Directed by Jakob Bilinski (Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh) The anthology was written by Todd Martin (Lucky & Nightmare Tales). P.J. Starks and Nathan Thomas Milliner (Scream Factory and HorrorHound Magazine artist).

This is a massive undertaking from artists all over the Kentucky region spanning into Indiana and Tennessee. With such amazing talent attached such as Nathan Milliner of Scream Factory and John Kenneth Muir as seen on SyFy, nearly a dozen indie bands attached to create an original soundtrack and dozens of local actors involved there’s so many reasons to support this project. The film stars Jim O’Rear (Day of the Dead, Teen Wolf), Jason Crowe (Easter Casket, Back in the Day), Roni Jonah (Overtime, The Zombie Movie), Todd Reynolds (Hallows Eve, Bumsicle), Louisa Torres (Lucky), Julie Streble (Girl Number Three, A Wish For The Dead), Kevin Roach (Out of the Shadows, Bloody Hooker Bang Bang) and more.

There is also a continued education initiative attached where we will be bringing in over 50 participants to help make the film. They will shadow the professional crew and see what it is to make an indie film first hand. This is your chance to help interested locals have a shot at being on a real movie set. Please donate today and help bring this vision to fruition.


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