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Film Review: Way of the Wicked (2014)



Five years ago young Robbie was involved in an altercation with some classmates that were bullying him and his friend Heather that resulted in one of them dying under mysterious and possibly supernatural circumstances. Now he’s back and anyone who pisses him off ends up being involved in an accident or dying in some horrible fashion. Is he really the Antichrist like an obsessed priest believes him to be sent here to destroy the world or is there something else entirely.


I wasn’t really that familiar with Way of the Wicked but when I got my hands on a copy I thought that it sounded pretty promising. I did a little research on it online before I watched it and saw that the majority of the reviews for it were less than sparkling. Still, I went into it with an optimistic attitude and gave it a shot, and I’m glad that I did because when everything was said and done I ended up really digging it.


Overall I thought that it had an interesting premise. It reminded me a lot of the forgotten (and mostly unappreciated) film Fear No Evil from 1981 mixed with Carrie with some subtle slasher flick elements thrown in for good measure. I genuinely enjoyed the story and it held my attention the entire time, something that a lot of movies I’ve seen of late have failed to do. I thought that it was well-written and entertaining and I had a great time watching it.

I liked the fact that it contained a little bit of mystery as well. It keeps you guessing about a number of things and I had a blast trying to put all the pieces together before all was eventually revealed at the end. Is Robbie really the Antichrist? Is he behind the bizarre murders and overall creepy happenings that seem to take place whenever he is around (and sometimes even when he isn’t)? What is really the deal with the priest (who is a little creepy in his own right) who is obsessed with Robbie and why is he so convinced that he is the ultimate evil? If you enjoy a healthy dose of mystery (and an equal helping of suspense) with your horror films then this is the movie for you.


There is a nice little twist toward the end that I thought worked quite well. To be honest it really isn’t that hard to figure out if you pay close attention to the rest of the movie (I saw it coming fairly early on) but it still rocks and I dug it. Some other online reviewers have complained that it was way too easy to figure it all out and while part of me is inclined to agree with them I still have to give props to writer Matthew Robert Kelly because I think it is still effective regardless. I thought that it was a nice touch and leaves things wide open for a sequel. I know that I wouldn’t mind seeing a continuation of the story and think that it has real potential to be awesome if it is done correctly.

I also really liked the characters as well. Vinnie Jones is incredibly likable as the main character of John. It was a little weird at first seeing him as a caring single father with a teenage daughter because of the roles I am used to seeing him in (I will probably always see him as the Juggernaut from the X-Men) but he manages to pull it off quite well. I thought his complicated relationship with his daughter Heather (which goes from bad to worse once Robbie enters the picture and becomes her love interest) was interesting and believable.


Christian Slater is actually pretty good as well as Father Henry, who is basically Dr. Loomis to Robbie’s Michael Myers. My favorite character without a doubt though was Robbie (played brilliantly by Jake Croker) who was creepy as hell and cryptic one minute and a little sad and depressing the next. I really liked him even though he is essentially the villain of the film and I was actually rooting for him for most of the movie (especially when he is being bullied by Heather’s so-called friends who are all a bunch of assholes who all end up getting what they deserve). All in all I really liked most of the characters (with the exception of Heather, who was a little too whiney and wishy-washy for my taste) and thought that the cast did a great job of bringing them to life.


In my opinion Way of the Wicked was pretty damn good. I have no idea why it there are so many negative reviews for it floating around the Internet as I thought that it was one of the better horror movies that I have seen recently. I enjoyed it and I think that most viewers will too if they give it a chance. Check it out, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. I agree.

    Not nearly as bad as the negative reviews suggest.

    To paraphrase Father Guido Sarducci, “It was a good-a movie. But it wasn’t a great-a movie.


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