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Sexy Horror / Cult DVD’s from SRS Cinema

SRS Cinema To Release Two Sexy Horror / Cult DVDs on Oct 19

Scream Queens Double Feature: Swimsuit Sensations & Knockout Workout

SRS Cinema and MVD Visual will release both Scream Dream and Scream Queens Double Feature: Swimsuit Sensations & Knockout Workout for North American DVD distribution on October 19. Both DVDs are in the sexy horror / cult vein, and have received previous critical acclaim.

Scream Dream… Her reputation is more than just rumor!

A heavy metal singer’s Satanic worshiping reputation turns out to be more than just a rumor in his shot-on-video cult classic! Michelle Shocked (Carol Carr) is a lead singer of a red hot heavy metal band. Her image as the new queen of rock is feed by rumors that she’s involved with witchcraft & Satan worship. There are even stories of disappearances of fans at her shows! But her manager Lou Sharkey has grown tried of dealing with media outrage, so he fires her & replaces her with Jamie Summers (Melissa Moore), a sexy blonde with a strong voice & less ego. However, when the band visits Shocked to tell her they had nothing to do with her firing, they discover the rumors are true – Shocked is a demon & the band is forced to kill her. But later that day, Jamie visits Shocked’s apartment to pick up some of her old stage clothes & finds the body. Drawn to it, she becomes possessed by Shocked’s spirit. With this fresh young body, Shocked will get the revenge she craves!

Scream Queens Double Feature: Swimsuit Sensations & Knockout Workout… Horror films most beautiful girls in sexy swimsuits and provocative workouts!

Two lost cheesy classics are back! First up, SWIMSUIT SENSATIONS stars Scream Queens Melissa Moore, Veronica Carothers & Jasae. It’s three of the most beautiful and voluptuous vixens in horror film history talking about their lives while revealing their inner-most beauty secrets (and outer most body parts) for keeping their sexy shapes and building a body that most women would kill for! Then stick around with the girls for KNOCKOUT WORKOUT, designed to get your body in “knockout shape,” and have you feeling good and looking great! It’s a fun and extremely effective workout session with three Hollywood starlets who know the value of staying in top condition! These two videos were thought lost forever but are now back – please note, due to the fact the original masters have been lost, these have been restored from the best possible materials available, but still may have audio or video drop outs. But they don’t detract from the camp fun of each of these “classic” videos!

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