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Film Review: Scream Queens Double Feature (2010)

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Scream Queens Double Feature: Swimsuit Sensations & Knockout Workout (2010)


TAGLINE – Horror Films Most Beautiful Girls On A Sexy Swimsuit Workout!


Just when you thought you had everything and looking for something that you couldn’t do without, comes this campy, cheesy gem from the early 1990s. No, there is no real refurbishing here, you get the only copy they had available re-digitized straight from the worn VHS copy. In fact, since they knew that just 1 title wouldn’t make for a DVD sale, they wet ahead and added 2 former releases on 1 DVD. The titles are “Swimsuit Sensations” (1992) and “Knockout workout”

Now before you jump to any preconceptions, please note that’s it’s clearly stated that the contents were in only fair condition and that what you have is the best digital revival they could muster. We get a classic retro romp from this old school style tribute to 3 scream queens as we watch them work out in their yards. Sure we get interludes of them talking about the business a bit, their hobbies, maybe some of the in and outs of the industry and alot of personal confessions about their daily regiments…but well …..who cares.

The kind of viewers who would pick these up are only interested in seeing a few lovely ladies bend backwards, stretch and roll about seductively in the grass. Guess what? Yep you get all that times 2. The ladies featured are self named scream queens…..Jasae, Melissa Moore and Veronica Carothers. Now, I consider myself pretty hip to the roster of talent out there, but I confess I had to do some background checking on these 3 to see what films they “actually” participated in that even qualifies them as scream queens. Once I got to digging, it was apparent that all 3 were in a “few” independent horror films mostly from the early 90’s .Nothing wrong with a that though the titles were as obscure as this workout video itself. What I did gather is that they are 3 lovely ladies who were picked because they’re simply hot. The scream queen category is a bit loose in my opinion.

Now here is the kicker, the original film “Sswimsuit Sensations” was directed by none other than “Night of the Living dead” John Russo! Quite a shocker for one of our legendary horror icon directors. I’m assuming it was for a quick paycheck as this film is no masterpiece. Then again, I don’t think that was ever the intention.

Each title runs about 50 minutes. And both are almost like watching the same video over again. The strange thing is that the 2nd title “Knockout Workout” is virtually a ghost in the film listings. I couldn’t find any trace of it meaning it was taken off or never listed. Nonetheless, what we have here is a offering of nostalgia, much in the same way that we used to watch those erotically curious Showtime aerobic shorts. You get what you came for, and the ladies are all hot in their own unique ways. You have to appreciate the old ways of doing things as now they just cut to the heart of things and do everything in full nudity. Have we gotten raunchier, and racier in the current age? You bet, but there is something said for pretty girls in bathing suits exercising there joints

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