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Interview: Gabby West (Chillerama, VH1 Scream Queens)

Exclusive Horrornews Interview: Gabby West
Gabby West (Chillerama, VH1 Scream Queens)What can you tell us about your character, Peggy Lou in the Chillerama segment, “I was a Teenage Werebear”?

Peggy Lou is a wound up hungry little chick w a great sense of humor, you’ll see what i mean..she loses part of her brain…

Um, what is a Werebear?

A werebear is the total transformed state of a teenage gay boy.

It looked like a lot of fun, do you have any cool stories that happened while making, “I was a Teenage Werebear”?

I do!! I met & befriended Lin Shaye.. I absolutely adore her.

& Honestly, making Chillerama was the first time I really had a lot of fun acting.

Now, besides “I was a Teenage Werebear” do you have a favorite Chillerama segment?

Hmmm… I love them all.

Do you know how long each segment is?

Around 21 min

Do you personally have any Drive-In Movie Theater experiences?

Oh yeah. Major crush in 8th grade. & we all went to the drive in. (our group of friends)

Chillerama represents several decades of B movie horror, do you have a favorite horror decade?

Probably the 1970’s… I’m gonna go classy on you…

What do you think of old school FX compared to modern day CGI ?

Both are fantastic!

What do you think makes a great Scream Queen?

Vulnerability & Strength

What’s the next chapter in Gabby West’s career?

I’m working really hard at the moment in acting class. But I promise you’ll be seeing me.

Interview: Gabby West (Chillerama, VH1 Scream Queens 2)

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