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Film Review: The Prey (2011)



Bankrobber Franck Adrien serves a prison sentence after successfully robbing a national bank, but before he gets caught he manages to hide the money and it’s not just police that are looking for the money. His cellmate is Jean-Louis Maurel who is suspected rapist/child molester but he claims his innocence and the court finds him not guilty, Maurel promises to look after Franck Adriens family when Maurel gets out. But one day, a man called Manuel Carrega tells Franck Adrien that Jean-Louis Maurel is suspected serial killer and that Franck Adriens family might be in danger. Franck Adrien escapes from prison and police officer Claire Linné and her team takes up the chase.


“The Prey” is a new crime thriller released by The Cohen Media Group featuring the acting talents of Albert Dupontel in the film’s starring role. Albert Dupontel plays inmate Franck Adrien who is just finishing up a short prison sentence over a national bank robbery him and his partners had been sent away for. The robbery escaped with over 2 million dollars, though the money was never found. Franck awaits release so that he can retrieve his hidden loot.


Prison life for Franck is a day to day struggle dealing with partners wanting to know where he hid the money, to thugs within that seem to keep finding ways to confront him. When Franck comes to the aid of his cell mate partner Jean-Louis Maurel (Stéphane Debac) (who he believes was imprisoned wrongly on a child molestation charge), it only seems to stir up grudges with the men who want to punish any one who is locked up on a molestation conviction. Though surprisingly Franck is no pushover holding his own even when faced with fighting off 3 inmates at a time.

The clincher here is when Jean-Louis Maurel is released of his charges promising to look after Franck’s family until Franck is released. As things take a turn for the worst it becomes clear that Jean-Louis Maurel is in fact a “bigger threat” than Franck realized prompting him to make a break out of prison to save his family.


Soon Franck is not only dealing with money hungry partners , and a police detective manhunt but a unexpecting serial killer who has targeted Franck’s family with a very personal interest. “The Prey” is unique in that it combines a few directions usually reserved for individual releases but combined into a mash-up style thriller.

There is plenty here in the way of suspense and drama that comes with this engaging French thriller that plays its’ premise much like films such as “The Fugitive”. Originally titled “La Proie”, “The Prey” is helmed under the directing talents of Eric Valette who is no stranger to the horror market. His former films include 2008’s “One Missed Call” and 2002’s “Maléfique”.


“The Prey” steps away from the horror genre in favor of more Stallone-like directions bearing its unique French twist. Actor Albert Dupontel does a great job here never missing a beat on high energy dramatics and action-fueled confrontations.  Dupontel of course has quite a resume that spans over several French movies playing different roles within each.

“The Prey” does a fantastic job of keeping its premise filled with subplots and turns that deliver on every scene. For fans of action films, it’s worth it just to change the pace with something that feels familiar but still stylized its French roots.


In further news, it was just announced that DreamWorks has just acquired the rights to remake “The Prey” at a later date. Needless to say, more proof of this film’s attraction.

The Prey is now available on bluray per Cohen Media Group containing both French and English spoken versions.

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