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Nicotero Talks THE WALKING DEAD Spinoff Series

There is no questioning the popularity or quality of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD but does it really need a spinoff? I’m curious about what you all think of a second story line happening in THE WALKING DEAD universe. I’m on the fence myself. While I’m all for the genre expanding its hold on the small screen I fear “zombie overload” occurring, actually I think it’s already happening and I fear for the future of genre TV if we start trying to feed off the success of one popular franchise. Your thoughts?

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, it appears as if a spinoff of THE WALKING DEAD is imminent and franchise main stay Greg Nicotero has sounded off on where things appear to be heading.

Early rumor has the new show being a prequel but that seems strange to me because wouldn’t the prequel to the zombie apocalypse be NORMAL LIFE? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it would so I’m thinking perhaps we will instead be treated to the world going to hell through the eyes of another set of survivors. Here’s what Nicotero has to say on the matter:

“We’re sort of treating the spin-off as a completely separate entity. That was something that was very, very important when the notion of a companion series was even brought up. Many of us, the actors and the executive producers, wanted to make sure that anything we did, we didn’t want it to diminish our story, our storyline, our characters and the momentum that we have. So the intent is that it is going to be its own standalone world.”

While no official announcement of a “spinoff” has been released there are reports out there that things are gearing up for a 2015 debut, keep it tuned in here and as things progress I’ll keep you updated.


Source: Movie Pilot.com

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  1. With all the spinoffs that have occurred during the history of the franchise (I.e. The video games and webisodes) This was to be expected. I imagine a great deal of the show will focus on the stages leading up to the outbreak as well as the time period in which Rick was comatose in the hospital.


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