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Is Sam Raimi Writing A Sequel To ARMY OF DARKNESS?

Everyone just kind of assumed that after the success of the remake of THE EVIL DEAD that Raimi and his crew of scare bringers would immediately go into sequel mode and whip out a sequel to the remake. Well it appears as if he may be working on a sequel but not to the film you might think.

According to director Fede Alvarez who of course directed the EVIL DEAD remake Raimi is busy but not working on a follow up to the remake but instead a second chapter in the ARMY OF DARKNESS storyline.

While talking with BD Alvarez let slip with the following line:

“The pressure is on them now. Because as far as I know, and heard, Sam is really determined to get Army Of Darkness 2 happening. He is actually writing [it now].”

So would that mean an actual continuation of the original EVIL DEAD franchise, with ASH and all the goodness that would bring or will it be another “retelling” of the original ARMY OF DARKNESS? Who knows and certainly just because Raimi is writing it doesn’t mean it will ever see the light of a sound stage. Still though, exciting to think that maybe, just maybe we’ll get to see Ash strap on the chainsaw one more time.

Keep it hear, we are watching this one close for ya.


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