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First Trailer For ROBOCOP Brings The Goods

I know there is a lot of bad mojo out there when it comes to this remake of ROBOCOP but do yourself a favor and watch this new trailer. I think you’ll come away feeling a little better about things.

This one don’t hit till February of next year but I think this trailer did its job, I’m interested. Did you get a load of that kick ass cast? Michael Keaton, Samuel L.Jackson, Gary Oldman, I mean damn…

Maybe they’ll get this one right. What? It could happen.



  1. The trailer doesn’t look too promising to me. All I can see is an over CG’d, PG13, piece of nonsensical, narrative crap that is trying too hard to live up to the original.
    Murphy also looks ridiculous with his visor up and sound too human.

  2. This looks pretty good. The action and the suit are the subjects of fetish worship, but that doesn’t bother me. Verhoeven’s film was a bit of an orgy of spectacle in its own right; remember when Emil melted after driving the 6000 SUX into the ACME, all-purpose toxic waste?

    Whereas Verhoeven’s film was half sci-fi shoot ’em up and half social satire, it seems Padilha’s film is being marketed as half sci-fi shoot ’em up and half straightforward commentary about humanity’s battle against corporate machinery. This was certainly an element in the original film, but it was not the central focus. So, I guess all that’s left to see is if the rest of the film jibes with this trailer…oh, and whether or not said straightforward commentary comes across as too preachy or two-dimensional.


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