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Film Review: Mary (2019)


“In MARY, David (Academy Award Winner Gary Oldman) is a struggling blue-collar captain looking to make a better life for his family. Strangely drawn to an abandoned ship that is up for auction, David impulsively buys the boat, believing it will be his family’s ticket to happiness and prosperity. But soon after they embark on their maiden journey, strange and frightening events begin to terrorize David and his family, causing them to turn on one another and doubt their own sanity. With tensions high, the ship drifts off course, and it becomes horrifyingly clear that they are being lured to an even greater evil out at sea.”


Mary was written by Anthony Jaswinski and directed by Michael Goi. The cast includes Gary Oldman, Emily Mortimer, Manuel Garcia- Rulfo, Stefanie Scott, Chloe Perrin, Owen Teague, Jennifer Esposito, Douglas Urbanski, Claire Byrne, Michael Landes, Natalie Jean, Griffin Hood and, Kathryn Kelly.

Everyone loves a great ghost story, especially when they take place on the water. A nice aquatic feature if you will. The DVD contains Bonus features that include: A Photo Gallery, The Making of Mary which is fun and, A Family at Sea. Right in the beginning we get a tad bit of back-story about a witch that was drowned. So, witches, ghost and the sea. This will be great.

David (Gary Oldman who is an incredible actor.)

Sarah (Emily Mortimer) is shown soaked, bloody, tired and now in a room being questioned by Detective Clarkson (Jennifer Esposito). Sarah begins the story. “Evil needs a body to exist.” Emily says this with such purity yet sadness.

The Coast guard is checking out vessel Mary. It feels eerie right away. If you do buy older homes, ships etc. maybe you want to do a little research? David looks determined. He wants to buy this ship. Ghost Ship has one of the best beginning scenes. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it and then watch Mary again.

David (Gary Oldman who is just an incredible actor.), finds Mary. He knows all the details, the beauty and that she “just needs to find her Captain.” (Or an exorcist?) Sarah and her kids Mary (Chloe Perrin) and Lindsey (Stefanie Scott) all do a great job in Mary. Like, many families they are struggling and they didn’t make the story easy so they just get this ship right away. There is some struggling and David has a dream. There is reluctance from Sarah but she is being supportive.

Tommy (Owen Teague) goes to take the family photo and sees something weird. He doesn’t say anything though.

The family is at sea and something is so wrong with Tommy. David decides to drop a possessed Tommy off and have his uncle pick him up. We learn some family secrets. The dialogue between Jennifer Esposito and Emily Mortimer is powerful. Sarah is a mother trying to explain the unknown to a detective who goes on facts and evidence that she can see. From the interrogation room back to the open waters something is trying to get Sarah.

Mary is acting odd and has an imaginary friend now. The family is stressed, Sarah wants to go back and David thinks everyone just needs some “sleep.” Mike (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) is acting strange now. The bad thing is they are on this ship and its not as if they can just stop somewhere and get help. Sarah and David find documents about the ship. Everything turned to chaos and Mike went crazy possessed.

We see Mike throw David overboard and well, he makes a comeback. Everyone, loves each other. It is chaos and this ship is causing a lot of problems. Mary caused all sorts of havoc for this family. The detective is watching the video of Sarah in the interrogation room. Michael Goi did an excellent job. I would imagine it is difficult to shoot a film like this. The shots are unique and it doesn’t feel mundane.

The Newton Brothers added just enough super-creepy music to keep you on edge. This movie was good. Make sure to pick up a copy of Mary and watch it.

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