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Premiere: Plan 9 (2013)

Grandin-Plan9With the post production for Plan 9 almost complete, Darkstone Entertainment held its first private cast and crew screening August 24th, 2013 at the Grandin Theater, located in Roanoke, Virginia where the film was shot. Now that director John Johnson film has successfully launched with its first screening, Plan 9 will be going to market, shopping for distribution to find it the proper home.

The film played to a packed house in the restored theater, originally built in 1932 in the heart of the Roanoke Valley. The interior brick walls and Gothic atmosphere – complete stone gargoyles on the walls – was the perfect joint to hold a first screening for the quasi-remake of the 1959 cult classic Plan 9 from Outer Space. Director John Johnson began the show with a brief speech about the production, the origins of the film and a heart-felt thanks to the members of the audience for both participating in the filming and taking the time to share his film on this very night. By the time the opening credits rolled, the room was primed for a campy good time. John Johnson endearing homage to the Ed Wood film did not disappoint.

Attending the screening were much of the cast and crew including FX artist Mariah Johnson and stars Matthew Ewald, John R Price II, Monique Dupree and Addy (The Walking Dead) Miller, among many others. Many of the attendees were dressed up as zombies, vampires and other creatures of the night. The enthusiastic crowd laughed and screamed with joy with many of the patrons pointing to their appearances in the film along the way. The after party continued the festivities with director John Johnson taking time to greet the crowd, answer questions and take photos. It is a promising start to a campy fun film full of heart, passion and guts.

Below is a clip from the film set in a small, local store where a number of the film’s cast are trapped inside while the undead rise from the ground all around them.

CLIP DETAILS Cast – Brian Krause (Charmed, Sleepwalkers) as Jeff Trent. Matthew Ewald (Fox’s Galidor) as Jimmy. Matt Sloan (Chad Vader) as Sammy, Aaron Yonda (Chad Vader) as Toby. Mister Lobo as Criswell. Christopher Duncan as Danny. Cooper Shaw as Justin.


“I wanted to release this scene to kinda give a better feel of what the movie holds. We showed plenty of zombie mayhem in the teaser trailer and I thought the sneak peek would be focused more on the characters within. We have an extremely talented cast and it’s fun to show them off!” –Writer/Director John Johnson

Look to HorrorNews.Net for further details as they become available.

The Plan 9 Sneak Peek… http://youtu.be/8bR2xUSlNlI
The original Teaser Trailer… http://youtu.be/eJh-gdpJxJo
Official Web Site for the film… http://www.plan9movie.com
Official Facebook Fan Page… https://www.facebook.com/plan9remake

P9-premiere2p9-photo001 P9-Photo002p9-MatthewEwald P9-MisterLobo P9-AddyMiller p9-JerryMoore

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