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Check Your Health Insurance, D.O.A.II is Coming

doa2_front_last-repair-1-682x1024To paraphrase a high pitched nutcase from a rather rowdy clan, I tend to enjoy getting a bit f*cked up, then partaking in actions and events that are of an equal condition. Okay, maybe more than just a bit. Why am I telling you this? More importantly, why should you care?

Because, if you’re like me, then you should be fairly excited about some f*cked up shit Blood Bound Books has coming your way via their followup to 2011’s D.O.A.  If you follow my reviews, then you know I didn’t feel the original was as “extreme” (whatever the hell that term is supposed to mean) as I expected it to be, but that it showcased some damn good stories and enough blood to paint an old Victorian three times over. But, now, the folks at BBB have upped the ante and I’m pretty damn excited.

You like J.F. Gonzales (of Clickers fame)? Yep, he’s here. Ever read the craziest damn Santa story to ever hit my eyeholes (Santa Steps Out)? Say hello to a lovely gift from Robert Devereaux. Your flesh not suffering enough? Fear not, Monica J O’Rourke has a cure for that. How about that two ton titan of terror, Wrath James White? Poised to kick your teeth down your throat and make you vomit up your religion. And, creeping up the back stair with a somewhat disconsolate gleam in his eyes, comes Jack “if you don’t know who I’m talking about then I kinda want you dead” Ketchum. Plus, I have a story in there, and I know you all love me.

Maybe that’s still not enough for you. Sometimes, even masters like these can slide out some crap, after all. Maybe you should check in with the grand high mutha f*cka of Hardcore, big daddy Ed “Peckersnot” Lee, who had a chance to check it out early and had this to say:

“Make sure your health insurance covers psychiatric counseling before reading this book, because you’re gonna need it. The experience of this collection may be likened to getting run over by a 666-car locomotive engineered by Lucifer. This is the cream of grotesquerie’s crop, a Whitman’s Sampler of the heinous, and an absolutely gut-wrenching celebration of the furthest extremities of the scatological, the taboo, the unconscionable, and the blasphemous.

Buy it here. (don’t worry if you only see the Kindle version, hard copies will be available starting July 4th).

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