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Film Review: Empty Trash (short) (2010)

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Mark (Loren Farrand) is a paroled ex-con and janitor who’s trying to haul himself from the gutter. Mark’s boss, Don (Wade Dienert) is a grade-A asshole who blackmails him into pulling off what is known in the heist movie genre as “one last job.” Mark recruits Rudy (Eric Morcos) and Greg (Josh Mazurkiewicz), two dim bulbs who couldn’t rob their way out of a paper sack. The sh*t gets crazy and before you know it, people are losing appendages and chewing on each other’s flesh. What can you say?…


I love a short film with direction and that what “Empty Trash” has going for it. No so much a horror film, but more a short film thriller, this little ditty focuses on Mark a recent parole who makes 1 too many mistake at his new job assignment. When his boss points out that the little gag as cost him $30K, he arranges for Mark to make good on his loss or else face a damaging report to his parole office.

Mark who we find out has served time for armed robbery is given a like task to make up for losses at work. His parole office is a bit of an oddball who despite his quirky nature is somewhat of  soldier for GOD. In any case, one thing leads to the other and what should have been a simple tasks turns sour and violent. Bodies start to pile up as Mark sinks into a quick downward spiral tat seems to escalate into darker results. The short film Empty Trash is shot independently in a perfect little piece that has film festival written all over it. The acting is solid enough to carry the tale and while the content isn’t anything we haven’t seen before it still is able to hold its weight and keep your attention span. Other mentions on this one include Rachel Grubb who makes a quick cameo appearance as a coffee house employee. “Empty Trash” is short and sweet but still ends with you wanting more.

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  1. I worked with Eric Morcos on a few films. He was a complete #*^hole. I had to separate all his peanut M&M’s by color and by shape. M&M’s are not uniform in shape what so ever. From what I could tell, he hired a different call girl for each night of shooting. I will never work with this *#ck again.

    Scott Dickmen
    Craft Service



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