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Empty Trash: brings on the sadism


Minnesota filmmaker J.L. Sosa has embarked on a quest to irrevocably pervert the minds of moviegoers worldwide with his 26-minute short film, “Empty Trash.”

“Empty Trash” is a neo-noir crime drama/horror film about a paroled ex-con who is forced into executing a small-time heist that quickly descends into sadistic mayhem. Those who enjoy dark humor and the macabre might expect to be merely entertained. While “Empty Trash” delivers on that front, it will also expose audiences to depraved acts of sadism they’ll wish they could un-see.

“Empty Trash” was written, produced, edited and co-directed by Jorge Luis aka J.L. Sosa (“Moon Patrol,” “Donna, My Love”). Sosa’s greatest claim to fame is co-starring with cult moviemaker Ted V. Mikels in R.P. Whalen’s 2006 mockumentary “Mondo Collecto.” Sosa is also a freelance writer, reporter for the award-winning weekly newspaper the Hutchinson Leader, and contributor to the movie news website Film
School Rejects.

Co-director and cinematographer Tristan Corrigan (“Absolute,”“Zerosum”) will soon be commisioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy and is heading to the USS Gary this fall. While attending Iowa State University, he worked on the crew of the After Dark horror film, “Husk.” After several years of kicking ass for Uncle Sam on the high seas, he hopes to return to the film world with a vengeance.

“Empty Trash” stars some of the edgiest performers to emerge from the Midwest independent film scene: Loren Farrand, Wade Dienert and Alex Wade. Making a special appearance is legendary scream queen, screenwriter, producer, director and pin-up model Rachel Grubb (“Chimera Tribe: The Rakai,” “Bad Girls Burn In Hell,” “Why Am I in a Box?”)

“Empty Trash” has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. It contains strong language, sadistic violence, genital mutilation and tobacco use.

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