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Wrath of the Crows (2013)


In a dirty and narrow jail, Larry (Domiziano Arcangeli), Deborah (Debbie Rochon), Hugo (Brian Fortune), Hernest (John Game), and Liza (Tara Cardinal), the prisoners, are obliged to suffer injustices from the guards and from their chief, the officer. Above all of them is the judge. Nobody ever sees him, but he is the one that sets the rules, and he’s feared by inmates and guards alike. The prisoners know how to behave and what are the rules to be respected, but they don’t remember anything of their former life outside the walls of the fortress of their prison.

The prisoners’ sole memory, slowly emerging during the story, is the Great Evil that led them to the fortress. And the long, long time they have been imprisoned in it. Suddenly a new prisoner makes an out from nothing-like appearance: PRINCESS (Tiffany Shepis). She is a beautiful lady, dressed only in a crow feathers coat, shining and sensual. Her arrival causes curiosity, envy, suspicion, and a deep sexual agitation.

In a very short time Princess reveals her dark and supernatural nature: She can move objects with the power of her mind and is extremely strong. As Liza soon discovers, escape is just a dream for all of the prisoners. The rude nightmarish projected images they can see outside the windows of their cells make them give up thoughts of escape. But you can’t escape from yourself or your past.

After execution, Deborah and Liza find themselves disoriented, soulless, and empty in the Lost Souls Prison, where they meet an old blind man named Charlie (Gerry Shanahan), “The Soulkeeper”. The souls are dark bodies, sealed into inviolable cells. But Deborah manages to reunite with her soul and then attacks the old man in order to free Liza.

The two of them find an exit, but escape is everything but easy. Soon they realize that the whole fortress, outside and inside, is just a terrifying mirror game where reality is confused with illusion and nightmares become true, throwing the two girls in an endless vortex of terror and madness.


  1. Evilin Garnett

    Help! While the imagery and the acting by Ms. Shepis drew me in I could NOT follow the script….If they dead can die, why do they keep killing each other?
    If princess et. al are dead and “charlie” the keeper of souls then why is the soul kept in prison and who are these dead people w/out souls dreaming of escape thru death?

    what’s the deal with introducing a whole new cast of characters in time for the credits? What is the “twist” everyone keeps talking about….I will watch it again but would be SO grateful for any spoilers/hints/explanations….What did I miss? I really liked it but I’m SO frustrated.

  2. Chad newfield

    Well all the prisoners are in purgatory. A place between heaven and hell. I think Catholics believe in such a place. Doesn’t say about such a place in the Bible. The twist is nice. The character tiffany shepis plays is some sort of super natural warden that taunts the prisoners. Anyway she actually has a chance to get out herself but she can’t forgive what happened to her and her family centuries ago, so she is stuck in limbo with the others. That’s the twist. I think this is one of her better movies. The script is pretty clever.. Enjoy watching it again as will I.


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