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An Update And New Poster For Michael Biehn’s TREACHERY

The resurgence of Michael Biehn in genre films has been a wonderful thing to watch. He had all but disappeared from the scene till getting cast in PLANET TERROR and since then he has not looked back.

His newest project is a little thriller titled TREACHERY and the press release I got my hands on explains it all:

Treachery is a suspense drama featuring an ensemble cast that includes Michael Biehn (Tapped ,The Divide, The Victim), Jennifer Blanc Biehn (Dark Angel, Wrong Cops, The Victim), Richard Gunn (Dark Angel, Granite Flats, For the Love of Money), Sarah Butler (I Spit on Your Grave remake), Caitlin Keats (Kill Bill Vol. 2, Broken English, Kiss of the Damned), Chris Meyer (Among Friends, Kiss of the Damned) and Matthew Ziff (Truck Stop, Among Friends), Lorraine Ziff, Tanya Newbould (Skyline, The Victim), Christian Meoli, Jenise Blanc and Matthew Krause.

The flick is in post production as we speak and a couple of new producers have just joined the fray. All good news as this one searches for distribution in the coming weeks.

Feast you eyes on the teaser art below and keep it here for updates on when and where we might be able to soon check this one out.

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