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Interract with a “SLASHER”

A silent figure stalks a teenage girl. The weapon in their hand promises to do untold damage if it manages to catch the innocent victim. How can she get away? Does she go right or left? Does she pick up the hammer or picture frame to use as a weapon? Only you can decide.

Slasher uses Alternetreality.com‘s Patent Pending “Breaks” platform to deliver Live, Real-Time interaction between the actors on the screen and the viewers.

When Slasher begins, our main character Karen18 will be chatting in a chat room that you just so happen to have access too. This is your core interaction point. Get in on the conversation and see where the story takes you. Slasher allows viewers to BREAKthrough and make contact via a live voting system for major decisions in the show. When a new item pops up you will have the ability to select it. Further options will be available depending upon the object.

Jackie Pennetta as Karen18
April Nicholson
Giuseppe DiMarco
Justin McCarthy


Tone Purzycki
Frank Giglia
Cyrus Timchula
Online Experience Director
Craig Burton
Clark Mayer
Lighting Director
Mike DiLorenzo

“SLASHER” launches worldwide 8pm EST, January 26, 2012, on http://www.BreakSlasher.TV from Mikrotone Ent., Dacast.com, Sennheiser USA, Tubetape.com, Teradek, & Telestream Wirecast.

“SLASHER” is restricted to viewers over the age of 13.

A verified Alternetreality.com account is required for full immersion of the “SLASHER” Experience. Mikrotone does not require social networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube, however having accounts and following content related pages may enhance the experience.

Mikrotone Ent. creates story driven experiences like no other. Our goal is to tell that story across multiple platforms, allowing it to expand into reality. With the help of Dacast.com, Telestream Wirecast, Teradek, Sennheiser USA, & Tubetape.com, Mikrotone created Alternetreality.com as a distribution channel for our Patent Pending ‘Breaks’ Platform of Live Engagement Transmedia Storytelling.

Alternetreality.com: http://www.alternetreality.com
Behind The Scenes: https://www.youtube.com/user/mikrotone
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlterNETrealityBreaks
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/116952240263447380931/posts
Twitter: http://twitter.com/alternetreality

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