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Film Review: My Grandmother (short film) (2008)

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A girl visits her grandmother’s grave, haunted by morbid feelings at heart.


A young red headed girl heads out to visit her grandmother’s grave and offer up a bouquet of flowers. Later she finds herself locked in the family’s mansion bathroom assumed by the same grandmother. The grandmother proceeds to eventually visit and assumingly release this young girl. Though the grandmother  who is accompanied by their family butler takes a different course of action which involves chopping at the girl with a cleaver and feasting on her afterwards.

Short, awkward and violent this short by Can Evrenol is better defined by its choice of framing and imagery than its ability to make sense. The film ends on this morbid note which features a final surpris segment. However, I found myself scratching my head after wards at this “Carrie” style ending which I couldn’t connect to (if” the girl was previously killed or not) I then realized that the “now” one armed girl was reflecting and was only dismembered from the incident.

A quick rewind on the 7 minute piece, clears up this little bit of confusion. Can Evrenol delights in these morbid little pieces. This one which is “somewhat” tamer, stills echoes its extreme takeaways with a highly visual impact moment. The piece is beautifully shot which counter balances its bloody presentation. An interesting, but at first unclear, bit of cinema.

You can view his short films at http://www.canevrenol.com/

My Grandmother (short film) (2008)

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