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Book Review: From the Corner of His Eye – Author Dean Koontz

By: Dean Koontz
Bantam Publishing

From The Corner Of His Eye is a collection of three tales and how each intertwines. Barty Lampion is a young boy who has lost his sight but acquired an unexplainable gift. Junior Cain is a ruthless serial killer, relentless in his insatiable need for blood. Angel is a young girl who is conceived out of rape.

Dean Koontz’s epic 768 page novel is spellbinding, gripping and every bit as much of a page turner as other novels a fraction of its size. The multiple best-selling author raises the bar of achievement even in comparison to his previous works. From The Corner Of His Eye contains many of the components readers have become accustomed to in the Dean Koontz prototype. Certainly there are elements of suspense, humour, macabre, supernatural and conspiracy. Perhaps what is most impressive about this endeavor is the central theme of quantum physics. Such complexities would not ordinarily wash with a universal audience. Yet Koontz tailors his own unique spin on the theories and translates it flawlessly unto an enthusiastic audience, begging for more.

The approach of three simultaneous tales is a clever technique in order to keep the readerships interest and rabid attention. Suspense builds quickly in each story as pages are whipped through with increasing vigor to determine how young Barty copes, how Cain justifies his own ruthless aggression and how Angel’s aunt struggles with her upbringing, adopting her niece as her own. The plot takes the occasional detour just when we’re given a glimpse into how one story is related to the other.

We find ourselves touched by young Barty’s affliction and heart felt unconditional love his single mother Agnes Lampion showers constantly. Jr. Cain’s ability to mingle undetected among ordinary society is chilling and eerie causing us to keep a close eye for things amiss from strangers around us. Celistina White is an apt character name is she’s virtually a saint. Having adopted her sister’s baby Angel after she expired on the delivery table, it’s exceptionally compelling to unveil the tribulations that surround her surrogate family unit. Thomas Vanadium is a retired police detective and a hobbyist in magic and illusion. He has a hunch about Cain and is relentless to peel back the psychological layers that make the sociopath tick.

Perhaps most impressive is the final act Koontz sets up intertwining each of the rising tensions together. A climax unfolds that is mesmerizing worthy of any silver screen block buster thriller.

-Highly recommended for die hard Koontz fans and curious first timers alike.

Book Review: From the Corner of His Eye – Dean Koontz

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