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Film Review: Warlock: The Armageddon (1993)


The Son of Satan attempts to bring his father to Earth with the aid of some mystic stones.


The Warlock, easily one of my favorite wizard horror figures, is a guilty pleasure for me. Seeing this film no less than 8 times, I knew if was due time for me to review the movie, and thus making it 9. The first film which I reviewed here, was the introduction of this Julian Sands rooted character who possesses warlock abilities that might even come across as Harry Potter-esque these days. However, he was a horror character quickly developing into a franchise with the introduction of the 2nd Warlock film, “Warlock: The Armageddon”.

When we last left off, our Warlock was trying to bring Satan into the world by uttering the name of God. That didn’t work out so good however, he is indeed back up to his old bag of tricks. These tricks, in my mind were in the league of other horror characters of our genre such as the “Wishmaster” and “Freddy Krueger”. If you know all 3, you’ll “get” the connection. However, Warlock is indeed evil and means to continue on his quest of pursuing the gates of hell upon us non-magical beings. The franchise would go onto a part 3, though it would do so without Sands and to the beat of a total flop. So for good measure, let’s call the is the beginning to the end of a great horror franchise.

Directed by Anthony Hickox, our warlock has returned (aka the son of Satan), born instantly to a full grown male out of the loins of a un expecting witch who possessed the first stone. Warlock has been given 6 days to collect the magic rune stones that have been dispersed across the country in order to release Satan upon the final night’s total eclipse. As an aid he is fashioned a map from the stomach of his now dead and mangled mother.

Druids, a long lineage of protectors have been battling the release and prevention of Armageddon for centuries. Cut to present time and still that tradition has been upheld, but 600 years has passed meaning that the “time has come” for Satan to arrive while God is nowhere to be found. The stones serve a dual purpose that can release or prevent Satan from entering our realm with their light emitting functions. As the warlock, (Julian Sands) the son of Satan sets out on a quest taking no mercy upon those who possess the runes. The runes though have to be given to him freely for him to possess them. This proves to be quite a visual feast that ranges from instant death to warlock trickery being inflicted on each of the possessors.

The final stones are being protected by the remaining Druids who have to kill their son and daughter in order to resurrect them. This renewal makes them able to take on the duties of being a “Druid warrior” who possesses special psychic powers of telekinesis that enable to move objects about. The 2 warriors are Kenny Travis (Chris Young) and Samantha Ellison (Paula Marshall) who also happen to be young couple. The town they live in doesn’t take too kindly to metaphysics which they dismiss as Satanism. Though the druids are determined to do as they have always done to protect the world from chaos. As the warlock rounds up his stones, and tricks a few victims along the way, the 2 prepare for the final confrontation that relies on their savviness and instinct to defeat him once and for all.

This 2nd entry is great fun with plenty of nasty bits for horror fans. The fun comes as the warlock inflicts his evil unto acquaintances (my favorite being the business man who is turned into a Picasso statue). The Fx this round are pretty decent with lots of action that keep the film moving. My favorite of the 2 films and the last great one to come out of the franchise.

Warlock: The Armageddon (1993)

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