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‘The 13th Floor’ Haunt Packs em in for A Night of Fear

We have the pleasure today of giving you a first hand “event visit” on HorrorNews.net. I wish I could say that we get to visit every haunt that comes out this year, but scheduling and locations make that difficult. Residing in the Colorado area myself, I wanted to check out one that I had been hearing about for a few years.

The name to local Denver residents is “The 13th Floor “, a haunt that delights in scaring folks every year with new inclusions designed to leave you shaken and unnerved. This year they have added on a 2nd haunt “The Undead” that works as a portion of the first. But I’ll explain a little further.

You pay one price which gets you into both. The lines take you directly into “The Undead” portion which after completing starts a smaller line taking you into “The 13th floor” (the main attraction). It’s all pretty self-contained…. so once your in, your in for the duration. The environment is a totally emersive environment filled with smokey-filled hallways, creatures around every corner hiding in nooks… walls…floors and wherever you might “not” be looking.

Very well done, it’s clear a a massive amount of time has been spent creating a super cool creepy array of corridors that offers quite a variety of haunting rooms.

“The Undead” caters to the zombie fascination with several live actors creeping thru trying to take a grab at you as often as they can. While the makeup was spot on, it’s probably good that the dark hides alot of it. What was particularly cool about this section is that they have full length “fake” decomposed bodies hanging just about everywhere, so as you jump from one, there is another waiting to smack you in the face. It’s a bit surreal …..as often, I would have to do a double take just to verify that the props were not real (and vice versa).

Once you’ve completed “The Undead” you’ll soon find yourself awaiting a smaller line that prepares you for “The 13th Floor”

You are first greeted by an elevator operator who takes you straight down into hell. From there all bets are off as you meander thru odd hallways that sometimes are built on odd angles. It’s not to hard to get your sense of balance thrown off as you stumble into awaiting creatures. Or maybe you prefer the hall of mirrors to throw you off? Several scenes feature gigantic animatronics that range form “Lickers” to demons, to things that appear more like mammoth “Predators”. It’s all very cool, but the coolest for me were the things I haven’t experienced such as a laser horizon that appears endless and a without a path to travel into. Other portions greet you with pillowing inflations that you have to walk thru blindly. And of course make sure to close your eyes as you seek balance on the spiraling bridge. I might also recommend “not” assuming all statues are statues as live creatures pop to life waiting to catch you off guard.

All in all, a very cool experience that by the looks of the lines has already caught on in droves.

What do we recommend:

Skip the cheap seats and pay the extra$10 or so that gets you into the VP line. You’ll still have to wait, but not as “nearly” as long as the general admission rates. Now I can tell you by the looks of the ticket-line, that if you go in empty-handed, your looking at least a 30 minute wait for ticket purchase (first). In other words, get there early or buy your tickets per another resource (online). Then…. the waiting line (VIP) probably another 30-40 minutes as well. no VIP? Bring a good book ;)

The wait is not without entertainment as a fire dancer does her hottest moves while made-up creatures meander around thru the lines. Definitely one to give a go and at least “say you did”!



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