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Interview: Katie Stevens (Haunt)

HI Katie, How are you?

Katie- I am good. How are you?

I lost track of how many times I have watched HAUNT. You kicked ass. I kind of put it together when you put the hood up. The “Little Red Riding Hood” homage. It has become my new favorite film! Did you know that you would be the one kicking a lot of ass? The sort of hero of the story?

Katie- Thank you! I knew. I think that is what drew me to the story. I think that being in the time that we are now and the climate of the world, I think that it’s nice to see women kicking ass. That was something that resonated with me was that here is the girl in the story and for most of the story, she is the victim…. Not that she’s acting as a victim but she is a victim so some horrible circumstances in her life. I think that it’s easy to have a character like that who doesn’t evolve because the circumstances are so terrible because they don’t know another way to be. My favorite point in the film was when Harper was under the bed and having these flashbacks to her childhood, to her abusive boyfriend. You see her make that decision where she isn’t going to be the victim anymore. I am going to save and I will be stronger for it! I was really excited that I got to kick ass because I never got to do that before.

YOU DID KICK ASS! I had a hiding place when I was a kid. I dealt with some pretty bad abuse and I thank God for my mom. Watching those scenes resonated with me. I felt those scenes. They were powerful. Did you have to go to a dark place or do anything to prepare?

Katie- I think that what I learned about doing horror movies… In a weirdly, beautiful way, you have to stay in this kind of dark, emotional place. I am always a person who ties her work on a string on my ankle and then when I leave the set I try to untie but I think there is an element with horror and having to be in that emotional place.

I tried as best as I could to stay in somber mood. I am a pretty happy person but I just kind of had to make sure I was in a mood before I had to do scenes. Being there all day and you are on set for fifteen hours so it was kind of easy to get to that point. I think that having the surroundings and the set. The guys and the make-up and I think that it was easier to get there.

What did you actually think of them in make-up and costumes? The Ghost, the Witch, Zombie, the Clown and the Devil.

Katie- Well it was actually great because the directors didn’t let us see them in the make-up until we had to see them for the first time. I had seen the mask but I didn’t really see what was under the mask until they called action.

They try to get real reactions out of you. Because there is nothing quite like catching a real fear reaction.

What about seeing Damian as the Devil and his get-up and look? What did you think? He looked incredible as the Devil. The look on your face and Andrew’s face was insane.

Katie- Damian was incredible with his black eyes. I was like, OH NO!

It was a reaction of, we’ll be out in the car…. It will be running and ready to go!


Katie- Oh yeah! For sure.

Do you ever go to haunted attractions? Is there anything you are scared of that you there in there to help you a little more with the character?

Katie- I mean, I am scared of everything. I do often go to haunted houses around Halloween. Not because it’s something that I thoroughly enjoy, I am actually scared shitless. I wind up always leaving and it was so scary but I had a good time. One of the things that actually drew me to the movie was I go to a lot of these things with my brother because we we’re roommates when I lived in L.A. He would always say like, the scariest part of a haunted house is what is keeping some psychopath from actually coming in and doing something to someone. Granted you have Halloween Horror nights and it’s very well vetted.

There are some make shift ones in strip malls that you don’t know what you’re getting into. So then when I read the script, I called my brother and said, you will never believe this script that I just read. I think another scary thing is when you have any sort of story or script that is being made and it shows people doing things like this. It’s the weird balance that you need to have of let’s not give anybody any ideas to do this. How do we tell a story and not have somebody go, oh, that’s a great idea. But I think it also showcases that you need to have an awareness and be smart about the places you are going and these kids were not smart.

Yes. I think these kids just didn’t know what they got into.

Katie- Yes.

What was it like for you working with Scott Beck and Bryan Woods?

Katie- They are INCREDIBLE! To see two people who have been collaborating since they were in high school. There were showing us videos of them when they were in high school making mini horror movies. To look at that and then see how they’ve come is really incredible. They deserve all of it. They were so great with me. This was my first feature that I was kind of carrying. My character moves throughout the story and the story is pivotal to her. They were lovely with giving me material to watch and helping me move through the process which was great. Their incredible directors and incredible writers. It was just a real privilege to work with them.

What are you working on next?

Katie- Right now I am in Canada filming season four of “The Bold Type.” I will be doing that for the next for the next few months. Hopefully after that getting into some more feature films. I really enjoyed being a part of this one and being a part of something so different. I want to do something to exercise a different part of myself.

Thank you so much. You did such a kick ass job in HAUNT! You rocked and we are all going to see HAUNT again tomorrow. Thank you Katie.

Katie- Thank you. I really appreciate that. That means more to me than you know.

Thank you!

Katie- Awesome. Thank you so much.

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