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Film Review: SWAP.avi (2008)


Shock Value clip that has received a underground reputation – (also per “something awful.comSWAP.avi is not so much a p*rnographic video as it is a death, final and uncompromising)


The file name itself has managed to gain a pretty viral following over the Internet when it comes to sick and disgusting. That ominous name “SWAP.AVI” is not a file you can rent or pick up at your local adult story so easily. In fact it can really be only acquired thru bootlegger downloads or such. Now a while ago we wrote an article that simply lays the foundation of the most disturbing film of all time. The foundation for this is “within horror”, must be fiction, and must be created on some level for entertainment value only. To clarify, we weren’t about to list “2 girls in a cup” or go down the road of fetish adult industry titles. That’s not the focus of our site. We did however take the directive of listing or reviewing titles which might fall into the categories of horror “CAT III“, torture p*rn, excess gore or violence, or just manically demented. But to clarify again…we are talking about fictional films not snuff movies.

The name of “SWAP.AVI” has come up more than once. So I wanted to take the time to at least “see” if it ever qualifies for our selective little genre category. It’s probably worth mentioning that I don’t really enjoy these films in the sense of being attracted to them. I am curious as to the level of cinematic excess and imagination that would deem a fictional film truly unsettling. So to summarize, most I’ll only see the one time, enough to review, comment or recommend (if applicable). A film like “Hostel” is one I’d recommend. A film like “Squirmfest is not (hope that helps)

So on with the journey. I did have one of my sources acquire me a copy for the sake of this article. I’m not going to recommend you do the same.

After viewing, which left a unsetting knot in my stomach, I’m happy to say it doesn’t qualify for the kind of disturbing films we review on this site. Those who might be seeking it out can rest simply with our simple description / review on this.

“Swap.avi” is not its original title it’s actually called “Scat Swapping School Swallow“. The film is p*rn, not fictional filmmaking or torture p*rn. In fact its only reason for creation seems to be the underground and a need to show folks things they’ll normally never see otherwise.

To give you the run down, a school teacher is instructing her students (4 girls to be precise) in the lessons for the day. As she bend over they notice her missing pants. For some reason this prompts them to all approach her with the intention of seduction. Now from here is where it doesn’t make much sense, but is sick as hell to watch.

The 4 girls begin to lick her anus for what I assumed is the intention of making her crap. Well, she does and the 4 girls begin to lick it, eat it, smear it all over themselves and then even pass it back and forth between them.Yep, it’s a dirty sh*t fest.

Now this is sick enough on its own, but it ramps up to eventually everyone crapping, exchanging and then vomiting it into each other mouths. they all do this smiling, giggling and acting like its whipped cream instead of feces.

Is it real? I pretty almost positive it is as we watch the excrement pour out of their asses and onto to each other. If it wasn’t, I have no clues how it’s done. We’ll say for the sake of it being an underground overseas film that it is.

Now is that really something you have to see? Myself,, I don’t need to see a real snuff film, or a session of sh*t eaters. It’s not cute, attractive, cool or cutting edge..its just sick for sick sake.

Note: originally I thought I might have a link or clip that I could attach to this, after watching I decided that it really isn’t appropriate perhaps even on legal level to do so. I am including a few screen captures just for curiosity sake. Though racier shots have been blurred.

If you’ve come here looking for info, the review is probably all you really need. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all……..ewwwwww.

SWAP.avi (2008)


  1. appreciate the review , I heard of ( 2 girls 1 cup ) or hungry bitches at first and I downloaded the full version only to make sure if the sh*t was real and I was shocked that it was , I thought hungry bitches was the worst thing ever existed and I deleted it at once but this one looks much more disgusting and sick , I hope these actresses die in the worst way ever for shooting such a thing

  2. Where can i find it?


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