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Home | Where Evil Lives – 80’s Films Find new Life with Troma and CAV

Where Evil Lives – 80’s Films Find new Life with Troma and CAV

Are you catching wave of these old 80s films making their way?

A crazed man with a gun stalks through an old fraternity house killing the co-eds one by one. 30 years later the house is sold to a nice young family hoping to start a new life. But the ghosts of the past will not suffer these intruders lightly. As the family soon realizes the horros that happened in this old house will unfold again!

Bonus Features: Slide Show, Trailers

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  1. Finally a 80’s horror film that is not a retro but the real suff! Glad to see this finally released thru Troma.This movie has all the makings of a 80’s cult horror film.1st it has Veteran actor Claude Akins who is well known to have made many B horror films in the 1980’s.2nd it’s shot on 16mm film which gives us that distinct look of the 1980’s.3rd it has plenty of 80’s camp and sleazy sex.4th it was shot in Florida were most of H.G. Lewis films were shot,and 5th you have 3 stories to choose from.If you want the real thing,then this is the film to own.


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