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Film Review: The Disco Exorcist (2011)


Starring Michael Reed as Rex Romanski. The DISCO EXORCIST, a blood-soaked tale of supernatural revenge, sex, black magic, disco dancing, and mountains of cocaine is being produced by Ted Marr, writen by Tony Nunes with Guy Benoit from a story by Richard Griffin and directed by Richard Griffin.


So you came looking for some horror action, maybe a little exploitation, or maybe even a bit of ol grind house cinema. We got just the treat for ya in this new Scorpio Films release by the title of “The Disco Exorcist (2011)”. Now you’ll want to note the date of release (2011) as this film could easily slide into any grind house theatre showing in the 70’s and keep audiences entertained. In fact the production’s use of retro styling and attention to the detail to the times is quite amazing.

But before we get too far into the accolades, keep in mind also that this is one sex-filled-raunchy bloody-gore-filled homage to everything they tried to ban in the past served up in disco style present. Yep, the music is dead on, the score is dead on and the characters are just right for a full dose of debauchery, drug use, frontal nudity and simulated sex acts encapsulated between a horror film premise. The film has an almost comical feel to it mostly in its delivery of 70’s cheese right down to the sex acts themselves.

Your gonna love the main character of this film, by the name of Rex Romanski (Michael Reed) who gives us plenty of stud-jigglo-like behavior while always keeping his persona of easy going and personable right in hand. Rex sports a hairstyle like a Rolling Stone and says all the right things to win the ladies. And when we say ladies, well there is quite alot to pick from in this film. So many that even with Rex’s player approach to dating and nightly sex romps, he seems to take it all in stride with a smile and bedroom reputation that keeps em coming back for more.

Directed by Richard Griffin, written by Ted Geoghegan and Tony Nunes, “The Disco Exorcist” is exactly what you thought it would be….cheesy but in a killer way. It’s full of style and circumstances that might bring back a few memories to older viewers. In short, it pays homage to those early disco days when sex was free-minded and everyone was dancing. While the film is not p*rn it certainly falls into the soft p*rn category with a few male frontal dangling’s and alot of naked women. Most of the time they are engaged with Rex after a night of Boogie dancing and partying. Rex who is only interested in having a good time comes from a pretty religious family who are a bit “off” themselves. When Rex meets a woman by the name of Rita Marie (Ruth Sullivan), he falls head over heels (well for a night) only to be lured away by a new hottie. Well not just “any” hottie, it’s Amoreena Jones (Sarah Nicklin) star of the local p*rn circuit. Rex who actually knows all her films by heart finds a solid match in this young lady. One that seems to meet his need “and” hers.

Rex even gets invited to perform in a new film with Jones and few extras. Life seems good, but Rita who is beyond jealous also happens to be a Satanic witch who decides that the girls and Rex need some visiting from the underworld . Rita sets a curse upon all involved turning Jones and others into killer demons (momentarily). The bloodshed begins and quite a few get stabbed, sliced, bitten or decapitated. Good times!

As a horror film it’s tongue in cheek always pulling us back to the sex in between the gore. So fans may want to take note that there is alot of adult humor and screen time but its all in the name of fun. My favorite portions of this release was in some of the dialog itself which could end up on my top list of scripts (perhaps even next to Taratino’s???) The film is intentionally low budget but not unprofessional. In fact I was so impressed by the flavors and attention to detail that I could easily see myself digging more products from the “Scorpio Film Releasing” company. It was instantly after that I started to look into other titles by this team most of which I haven’t seen (but have heard a few of their titles passed around). I’m not sure if its too early to be called an instant fan, but I’m convinced and ready for the next release.

The Disco Exorcist” is a great tribute to the grind house films with a full helping of sex, horror and good times all around!

The Disco Exorcist (2011)

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