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‘Snow Shark’ Swims into its first premier!


Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast, written and directed by 26-year-old Sam Qualiana in Lockport, New York, will have its world premiere at Dipson’s Amherst Theater in Buffalo, New York on Tuesday, April 10th at 7:00 pm; the premiere will be open to the paying public. Two nights later, on Thursday, April 12th, at 7:30 pm, the film will play at The Screening Room Cinema Café in Williamsville, New York. On Saturday, May 12th, it will have its film festival premiere at the South Bronx Film Festival.

“Sam has created a modern creature feature that would make Don Dohler proud,” says Greg Lamberson, who co-produced the micro-budget flick with his Slime City Massacre partners Marc J. Makowski, John Maclay, and Richard Chizmar of Cemetery Dance Publications, and scuba diver Michael Gesel. “It’s an absurd concept played absolutely straight. He could have tackled an easier monster, like Bigfoot, but he had to make his first feature about a shark that swims through the snow! He’s lucky he filmed last year, when we had a long winter, and not this year, when we hardly had any snow at all.”

Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast is a creature feature which details the exploits of a prehistoric shark, freed by an earthquake, which lives in the snow and preys upon unsuspecting teenagers, strippers, and hunters. Qualiana plays the lead, a survivor of an earlier attack. He is joined by Jackey Hall (Patient Zero), John Renna and Michael O’Hear (Slime City Massacre), and Kathy Thiel Murphy (Black Guy on a Rampage: Homicidal Vengeance). Qualiana’s father CJ plays the town sheriff, and the rest of his family helped out behind the scenes. Renna, Arick Szymecki, and Andrew Lavin handled the special make-up and creature effects.


Brett Piper (Muckman) and Mark Polonia (Splatter Beach) edited the film, and Michael Paul Girard (Oversexed Rug-suckers from Mars) provided the score. Lamberson and Qualiana anticipate taking Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast on the film festival circuit and are already talking to distributors.

“Hopefully we’ll have some good news to announce at our premiere,” says Qualiana. Who has kept busy acting in his own short films and the recently completed Porkchopp3d.

“He’s out there doing his thing, acting in as many films as he can and getting all kinds of set experience,” adds Lamberson. “That sort of flexibility is the biggest difference between making indie horror films in the 80s and 90s and in the 21st Century.”

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