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Magazine Review: Grausam Rouge Magazine – Issue 3

Grausam Rouge Issue #3 like its previous release straps on the best of horror with a 3rd follow up featuring stills from the production of “Fright Night (1985)”. This issue packs in more images featuring plenty stills of that huge-mouthed fanger-sporting-vampire chick.

And in case you never quite made the connection, that’s Amanda Bearse who you might remember from “Married with Children” aka Marcy D’Arcy.

All the memories of yesterday are encased in this small sampling of the best stills from the Fright Night movie.

This Tom Holland masterpiece pays tribute to his own upbringings by honoring the vampire trends of yesterday while still keeping things edgy and frightful.

Small paragraphs provide some background detail, though the images are the main attraction here. Collectors, will probably choose the issues with films they most love, though there are some great stills in here.

Advert details:
Along 20 glossy pages, DINA4 and all in colours, Grausam Rouge reproducts in high definition plentyfull of movie stills accompagnied by a presentation of the movie written in english, german, spanish, italian and french.
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