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Book Review: Darkness Falls – Author Allan Leverone

Darkness Falls

by Allan Leverone

In this tale of creeping horror, down-on-his-luck novelist Tyler Beckman returns to his old hometown of Darkness Falls, New Hampshire, hoping to resurrect his career. Tyler fled the town of his youth nearly two decades earlier following the brutal triple murder of his parents and sister, landing in New York and eventually writing six bestselling gothic horror novels, achieving fame and fortune before losing it all in a blizzard of drugs, booze and women.

Now, in a desperate last-ditch effort to regain what he has lost, Tyler rents the home of his family’s imprisoned killer, determined to confront demons best left buried. Immediately his writing flourishes, and in a frenzy of activity, Tyler begins pounding out the novel that will put him back on top.

But a malevolent force is at work in Darkness Falls, one which is timeless and evil and unstoppable. And it has Tyler Beckman in its sights.

Fast-paced and eerily seductive, Darkness Falls is a well-told and atmospheric tale of loss and obsession, of madness and revenge.

This is the first book I read by Allan Leverone, I never heard of him before to tell you the truth. He lives in Londonderry, NH and I live in Manchester, NH, so I am pretty amazed that I never came across his name before.

I do know that after reading “Darkness Falls” I will be paying attention to Allan and looking into his back catalog.

I really enjoyed “Darkness Falls”, I found the characters to be compelling, the storyline was haunting and creepy. I came to really feel for Tyler and what he went through as a child and what he went through coming back to his hometown. Being a novella it is a quick read, and the pacing is very well done. I really enjoyed the ending, definitely didn’t see that coming.

My only complaint would be that I wish Allan would have delved more into the history of what haunted the house/town. I felt it would have been an overall better story with more information. Other than that I would recommend “Darkness Falls” to anyone who enjoys a really nightmarish tale.

Book Review: Darkness Falls – Author Allan Leverone

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