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Book Review: Apartment Seven – Author Greg F. Gifune

Apartment Seven 

(Kindle Edition) by Greg F. Gifune

It’s Christmastime in the city, but all is not merry. Something is happening in Apartment Seven. Something evil.

Charlie Cerrone thought he had it all—a loving marriage, a good job, a nice home and financial security—until the night his wife betrayed him and his entire world came crashing down.

Angry and confused, Charlie wanders the streets of Boston after dark, dazed and searching for answers, trying to figure out why his wife has apparently taken up with another man and why she’s been frequenting a strangely ominous and otherwise abandoned building late at night in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city.

Throughout the cold winter night, Charlie descends deeper and deeper into a nightmarish journey that encompasses his past, present and future, a terrifying and surreal odyssey that leads him through the darkest alleys and most dangerous streets of a haunted city, and that will eventually put him face-to-face with the horrific riddle behind his own troubled existence and the shocking mysteries of Apartment Seven.

Greg F. Gifune’s “Apartment Seven” is absolutely brilliant. A heart wrenching tale that will haunt you long after you are finished reading it.  It is a dark, bleak and painful journey into the bottomless abyss of addiction and human frailty.

I can’t remember when I’ve felt so emotionally drained after reading a book. “Apartment Seven” left me shaken and breathless, staring blankly into space wondering what the license plate of the truck was that just hit me. It is that powerful and mesmerizing.

This can be read in one sitting, but you might be better off taking it slow, as this book will affect you profoundly.

If there is one book you have to read this year it is “Apartment Seven.”

Greg continues to produce unrivaled dark fiction that makes you think, makes you uneasy and more importantly makes you question what is that actually lives in our darkest nightmares.

“Apartment Seven” just leaped to the top of my best books of 2011 list. I give it one of my highest recommendations…ever.

Book Review: Apartment Seven – Author Greg F. Gifune

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