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Werewolf (1987-1988) – TV Show Episodes List

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Young Eric has been bitten by a werewolf. However, he’s not particularly thrilled by this turn of affairs and wishes to escape his curse. To do so, he must find and kill the founder of his particular werewolf clan. The series traces his efforts to (A) track down the founder; (B) keep from hurting innocent lives due to his lycanthropy; and (C) stay one step ahead of folks who wish to kill him due to his werewolf nature.

01 Werewolf
02 Nightwatch
03 The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
04 The Black Ship
05 Spectre of the Wolf
06 The Wolf Who Thought He Was a Man
07 Nothing Evil in These Woods
08 Running with the Pack
09 Friendly Haven
10 Let Us Prey
11 A World of Difference (Part 1)
12 A World of Difference (Part 2)
13 The Unicorn
14 All Hallow’s Eve
15 Blood on the Tracks
16 Nightmare at the Braine Hotel
17 Wolfhunt
18 Blood Ties
19 Big Daddy
20 Eye of the Storm
21 Nightmare in Blue
22 Skinwalker
23 King of the Road
24 A Material Girl
25 To Dream of Wolves (Part 1)
26 To Dream of Wolves (Part 2)
27 Blind Luck
28 Gray Wolf
29 Amazing Grace

Werewolf (1987-1988) – TV Show Episodes List


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