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11.11.11 – A Beginning to the End??

Yes, today is what I call the peak day for new Agers and numerologists. It also happens to be the day for a few important films to debut, though that’s just savvy marketing at work. You can read our review on the Darren Bousman release by the same title, though for me I have my eyes set on seeing “Immortals”.

I’m guessing that the search for this date will skyrocket today, not because of what’s going on but what’s “expected” to go on? Sure it’s cute to see a solid row of the same digits but this fascination with 11.11.11 or more notably just the 11:11 configuration has been discussed for quite some time.

While rummaging thru articles, it will reveal “much” of what this expected portion of numerology relates to, I found things to be simpler by just reading a recent book on 11:11. It does a solid job at taking you into the theories, occurrences and relationships between not only 11:11 but its cousins 12:12, 03.33….well you get the point.

What I found unique is that when you really get into the gist of this stuff, you find some pretty solid occurrences of the double digit phenomena. with media, movies and you tube videos aside what is the significance?

I thought this article laid things out pretty well calling it “one of the most powerful shifts in human awareness that we will experience in our lifetime.” now that’s alot to take in. but when I read things like this, my interpretation is that changes are coming much like a microwave that changes its foods molecular level while it heats something up. Folks if the theorist are correct (which I’m staying neutral in opinion on this subject), then we’ve pretty much hit the end of the road in our evolution track. Other books I’ve read lately not only talk about this 2012 warming up but a universe order that demands a huge paradigm shift including mind boy and soul. Could stuff eh? Oh, ya, they also point out that change is a bitch and that a few discomforts are due to come. Interested in the science take? Here is a decent 11.11.11 article

Roar Sheppard actually stated 2 days ago that Boston was on the verge of being destroyed. So upon writing this article I check backed to bookmark it and it was taken down. Hmm, my guess is false prophecy is not good for promoting his recent book. Though in all fairness, I DID find his book to be really good stuff. It does tie in alot of area for discussion.

Ok so back to the magic number.
What is the hubbub? Maybe a few interesting point might educate a few on its particular aspects

– 111111 x 111111 = 12345654321

– Comet Elenin Earth Venus and Mercury align

– Patterns in random events, sort of a beacon date for those who have experienced the 11:11 phenomena through tout life (aka, the movie takes on this notion)

Ok, that will get you started. There of courses more to the number, the date and pattern that might be a good way to do some new age research on a boring Friday.

If this or related subject matter interests you at all, I highly recommend checking out the collective of books thru New Page Books. We review quite alot of books ourselves that they distribute (or whatever they send over), and to be honest, they are all quite well written AND short enough not to pull you into a lethargic coma. If your not a reader, then of course the coast to coast radio is always informative and filled with “tons” of studies they do with guests who talk about their area of focus. For now, let’s just make the best of it with one eye open…….

11.11.11 – A Beginning to the End??

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