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Book Review: Iron Butterflies Rust – Author Lee Thompson

Iron Butterflies Rust

by Lee Thompson
(Delirium Books)
Digital Edition

Three years after Frank Gunn’s wife pulled his service pistol at the local carnival and set events in motion that stained everyone involved with an eight-year-old boy’s blood, Frank’s life has fallen apart around him—he is on voluntary leave from the police department, the media has made him look like a fool, and his marriage has gone to hell. Worst of all, the boy, Jeremy Chambers, lies in a coma and Frank is the only person who feels a responsibility to visit him.

Haunted by nightmares that increasingly bleed into his waking life, Frank finds himself once more on a collision course with the boy’s murderous father, not to mention a phantom he feels he should somehow know. Whether this trail of blood and tears will redeem him, or end in his damnation, Frank cannot know until the last mile has been traveled.

When I received an email from Delirium Books that Lee Thompson’s latest novella “Iron Butterflies Rust” was ready for download I immediately went to their review portal and downloaded it. Unfortunately I was in the middle of a few other books and had to wait a bit to read it.

It was well worth the wait. Lee Thompson is one of the new rising stars in horror fiction today. “Iron Butterflies Rust” is a giant step forward as he continues to evolve as a writer.

“Iron Butterflies Rust” is a tragic tale of how a split decision, a single moment  in time can forever alter the lives of those involved.

What starts out as a tragic child custody battle gone bad, evolves into a tale of regrets, sadness and outright terror. Lee weaves a masterful and powerful tale, that is staggering in its depth, his prose convincingly draws you into the pain and anguish suffered by those involved.

Lee’s writing continues to improve with every book he writes. “Iron Butterflies Rust” I feel is his best work yet. The ending will shock you and leave you shaken.

Use the links above to get “Iron Butterflies Rust”. I give it my highest recommendation.

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