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Book Review: Into Hell – Author William Ollie

Into Hell by William Ollie
(Delirium Books)

Miller’s lost, cloaked in a darkness that refuses to release him. He can’t run and he can’t hide, nor can he sidestep whatever’s tracking him.

He’s cursed, duty bound to walk these cracked and broken streets, to do what he’s told, go where he’s sent and push himself forward, to follow this bloody path no matter where it leads him.

Even if it takes him… straight into hell.

William Ollie’s “Into Hell” is one of the most nerve wracking books I have read in a long time and in my opinion, his best work to date.

It is part of Delirium’s novella line and though it is short, it packs quite a wallop.

It follows the story of four friends from the war ravaged lands of Iraq and Afghanistan to their now ravaged lives at home.

It shows the affects of war on those that are part of it, how it effects their families lives, their friends lives and their own lives.

“Into Hell” is hard hitting, brutal and nasty. It is also beautiful in the way it shows how  American soldiers put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms.

On it’s darker side, it is also a diatribe against our ever increasing involvement in foreign lands and how we treat our soldiers after they return home from the brutality that is war.

This is a very powerful novella and is a must read for anyone who enjoys reading. Use the links above to order this outstanding book, you will not be disappointed. I give it my highest recommendation.

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