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Delirium Introduces ‘Kindle Book Club’ – 24 novellas under $3 each each


The Delirium Book Club is now available to all Kindle users at 42% off the cover price or less than $3 per book. And new members can join the club without paying a dime.

Everyone knows someone with a Kindle these days—book club members who refer others to join the club will earn $24 per referral. Three referrals and an entire subscription is paid for in its entirety.

Delirium is also offering a money-back guarantee: Any subscriber who doesn’t want a particular title in the book club has the option of exchanging that month’s selection(s) for an Amazon gift card to buy any other title that Amazon has to offer, including books from other publishers. But Delirium has contracted some of the best horror authors in the business—Greg F. Gifune, Ronald Malfi, Allan Leverone, Brian Hodge, Tim Curran, Jeffrey Thomas—and is confident in the quality of the tales they have to tell.

Subscribers who join the Delirium Kindle Book Club will save a lot of money, secure each title at the lowest price possible, and have the freedom of choosing which titles to receive. In addition, book club subscribers will be afforded the chance to vote on the best novella of the year thorough the Readers’ Choice Award—a true award voted on by only the members of the book club. Delirium also plans to have live author events, exclusive giveaways, and bonus content throughout the year.

Delirium has been publishing quality dark fiction, suspense, and thrillers for almost 15 years now and its titles are all professionally edited, presented, and converted in clean eBook formats for all Kindles, software, and apps.

For more information visit the book club page on their site:

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