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Film Review: Home (2010) (Short)

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Tells the story of a lone surviving woman, stuck in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the undead, trying to hold on to the last of her humanity.


Another prize waiting at the end of a cracker jack box. Cameron McCulloch is a real artisan. While the mention of another zombie film might roll eyes here and far, it’s always a pleasure to see quality filmmaking. Best of all, this one has a story!…short, sweet, and gruesome….what more could you asks for?

Home stars Jamie McDowell in an unspoken role of a women who finds herself alone in the company of zombies with one last intention. Her un-phased reaction to the living dead only means that she has had to deal with them for quite some time. The daily chore of chopping a few up has grown old, and life is pretty much a bust. The dead walk slow and clumsy and yet still manage to find their way to food. Our window into this is that even with the ability of speed and intellect, we still manage to fall into their arms and make mistakes.

As our main character hunts a few down, creatures of the dead continue to arrive in droves. Time blends from one day into the next. Though she has another agenda. This agenda lies in the company of one that she has keep on for the perfect moment.

Call it a romance, but in retrospect it’s still zombie horror.

Cameron McCulloch succeeds in a quality short story, but where he really excels is in his cinematic eye. Each frame seems like it was planned and scrutinized delivering a very compositional film experience. In fact, a  few shots could be photographs themselves. I think it goes without saying that if Cameron got his hands around a feature project, that it would be a thing of beauty…..that is, even if flesh rotting corpses were dripping across the screen and chawing down on bone portions. Very cool short zombie fare for the undead in all of us


Home (2010)

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