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Film Review: The 7 Adventures of Sinbad (2010)


A modern adaptation of the classic tale of the original Prince of Persia. Sinbad, a rich industrialist, must complete seven ordeals in order to save the world from catastrophe.


The tales of Sinbad are well known thru out the halls of adventure and the fantastical. This new entry into the legacy of Sinbad’s voyages might strike you with a different impression than the previous collection of Sinbad entries. For one, we are firmly in the present, no sign of exotic aladin style eras or seafaring ship films with pirates and treasures. Sinbad in this case is actually Adrian Sinbad, the CEO of a rather large family owned corporation that deals with oil.

Though even in the present it seems that Sinbad or “Adrian (Patrick Muldoon) for that matter can’t escape the nack for finding himself in the throes of medieval creatures and adventures. Part Indiana Jones, part left over “Mega” films, part disaster epic and maybe a throw in of “LOST” and James Bond. Regardless, this just means that there is alot of influences into this piece that ties in a visual adventure action film. When word gets to Sinbad that his oil rigger has been hijacked he sets off to take care of business himself complete with a briefcase of hard cash. Though before he arrives, a mysterious sea creature (we’ll assume a giant Squid) manages to drag the entire complex / ship into the depths of the ocean. The oil rig / sub sits residing the bottom and the squid thing takes off. Maybe I forgot to mention that the location was the Bermuda Triangle….So if your taking toll, then we have a combo Bermuda, action, end of the world, fantasy and Abyss style film all rolled into one little franchise title.

To sort of round off this opening, Sinbad, the crew and all the remaining on the ship end up on an uncharted island that is supposed to not exist. This entails a brief encounter with a giant crab before pulling a “Time Bandits” island turn out to be giant whale move. Though before we jump ahead, he is told by an island girl that he must complete 7 ordeals in order to save the world. Per the prophecy in stone, Sinbad is the chosen one foretold in eras past. It doesn’t take long before him and the team are swept up by a team of Pterodactyls, and then taken to another island of length and lore.

Take to the caves? Not a good idea when they run into a 1 eyed cyclops. Though cyclops is nothing compared to a team of green skinned demon seductresses that are intent on killing and eating them all. The adventures continue with a few more CGI bad guys at the helm. What is confused is the end of the world scenario added in. As Adrian battles creatures and islanders, the world is falling apart per twisters, earthquakes and psnamis. Maybe I lost the premise somewhere along, I’m not sure, but it seems like alot is crammed into a little. Also ..someone explain this to me…. was that squid pissed off and then decided to be friendly??? Squid love maybe….?

The film has its moments that are fun in the traditional sense of the Sinbad films. Some of the CGI, especially the Cyclops just didn’t cut it for me. I guess because I knew they could do better with it instead of going the game piece route. the final confrontations were a little rushed and I never really felt that traditional Sinbad vibe with actor Muldoon. I suppose I’m just stuck in the past to much to accept an off shoot as a Sinbad film. Asylum was on board with this one which fits in line with several of their releases. I’m gonna still say that there Mega films are a bit more mystyle, than this one but it does have plenty of variety to keep ya entertained. If you don’t like B-frade CGI stay away, if you can handle it then more power to ya. The film was written / directed by Ben Hayflick and Adam Silver

The 7 Adventures of Sinbad (2010)

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