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Book Review: Unearthed – Author Gina Ranalli


by Gina Ranalli
(Delirium Books)

The Pacific Northwest is known for its near-constant rainy season. But on New Years Day, the sun emerges and one woman, alone with her dog, ventures out to discover that something else has arrived with the new year: vast sinkholes, large enough to swallow entire cities, claim the lives of millions and unearth nightmare creatures that could only mean one thing…the end of humanity.

I have been hearing good things about Gina Ranalli’s fiction and had not had the pleasure of reading any until now.

Love the title, love the cover and most importantly loved the story. Even though you might say to yourself, “Not another end of the world story.”, I am happy to say that does not apply here.

Ms. Ranalli manages to pack in quite a bit in a somewhat short novella. Her characterizations are real and believable, and she is able to draw you into the story right from the first page. A palpable sense of dread oozes from every page.  The creatures she has conjured are outstanding.

Knowing this was a novella going in doesn’t take away from the sense that I wish this was a full length novel.

Other than that, if you like well written end of the world stories I would give Gina Ranalli’s “Unearthed” a try. I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for more from Ms. Ranalli.

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