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Book Review: TerrorKlowns – The Dark Stories – Author Jarrod L. Dodson


So here we are again. Another review. This time it is for an anthology titled Terrorklowns: The Dark Stories. What can I say about this? The book is badass. The stories themselves are more than entertaining. Not just f*cked up in a good way, but really good. Jarrod L. Dodson wrote each story featured within this one-shot. It shows how passionate he is about the genre. The artwork is disturbing. Anything which features killer clowns doing very bad things to people would be disturbing to those who read the book and see the artwork. The three stories featured are Hell At The Big Top, Forgotten Meds and Tamra Wilt.

There’s so much I could say, but what it all boils down to is, go and purchase the book from Ka-Blam. It’s definitely worth it. If you are looking for off the wall horror, Terrorklowns The Dark Stories is definitely for you. The cover is enough to make you shudder when you see these demonic Terrorklowns about to do very bad things, their mouths filled with sharp teeth. Their hands which are claws, ready to rip into the flesh of their victims. When looking at this cover, it is enough to make something inside you want to shudder. Perhaps, a childhood fear of clowns when your parents first took you to see the circus. Whatever the case, there is a lot to be said about the artwork. There is a tagline on the sleeve of the Terrorklown which pretty much sums up what you’re about to see and read: Welcome to the Circus of Blood, Guts and Gore. There is gore in this. Why wouldn’t there be? Hell At The Big Top the first story, it’s every little kid’s nightmare come true. What starts off as innocent and humorous turns into a living nightmare as clowns become Terrorklowns. The horror begins right away. People screaming in pain and terror as they’re slaughtered.

Forgotten Meds, is another story which I couldn’t help but like. Who knows what lurks beyond this reality we live in. Could there be actual Terrorklowns living amongst us only to be hidden by simple prescription drugs? The story itself is unique, focusing on one central character. One who is tortured. It shows great potential, anything with killer clowns shows potential.

The third story is Tamra Wilt, a girl who is the target of cruel abuse from a group of boys who have nothing better to do than to attack and victimize. The way the story itself turned out, it was interesting. The concept behind balloons which could be evil was good. Overall, go ahead and order this anthology. You won’t regret it. Again, there will be more books coming out.

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