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Comic Review: TerrorKlowns – Issue 2


Come one, come all. Welcome to your worse nightmare. A while back I did a review for a fellow comic book writer who loves all things horror. He wrote a series that was a long time coming. First he had a vision, this vision featured every kid’s worse nightmare: Clowns. Those painted faced bastards that love making our lives a living hell with their smiling faces and their bright red noses. Their fluffy hair makes it even worse. They are the true vision of fear for anyone who has a fear of these brightly colored, joyful monstrosities. They give us balloons and they make practical jokes. Only thing is, in Jarrod L. Dodson’s Terrorklowns, he turns these seemingly adorable things into our worse nightmare. They are the things in this series, that define our true fears.

So we are here for the second issue of Jarrod’s series featuring those damn killer clowns. This time the military is sent to contend with these demonic beings that have crossed over into our realm. What is intriguing about this series is, this is a fresh take on the killer clown genre. There hasn’t been anything like this to have come out for a long time. The way the artist illustrates the ensuing carnage is a real treat. The artwork manages to capture the reader’s attention, the dialogue itself is believable and the violence is not too gratuitous, it shows enough to have the reader put two and two together. The blood is nicely colored. The black humor is strong in this. What is a killer clown story without black humor? This story has potential, I’m eager to find out what happens in the next issue. There is strong character development even for a small scene such as what we’ve found here within the twenty-two pages.

The promise of more clown insanity is assuring. The reader often finds him or herself wondering who is Laughing Dark? What is their plan? Who is 6 Ball? These are questions, fans are stuck with when they’re finished reading this issue, which is the important part of good storytelling, they want to learn more, they want to see what the creator of this series has in store for the readers who take the time to buy Terrorklowns.

Like I’ve said. This series is going somewhere. I’m eager to see where. So at the end of this review, if you are curious about what Terrorklowns is, check out this series. You won’t regret it. Oh and do you want a balloon?

Comic Review: TerrorKlowns – Issue 2

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