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Interview: Jarrod Dodson (Terrorklowns)

JR: Hey Jarrod, thanks for taking the time to have this interview, I have to say I’ve been impressed with the hard work you’ve put into making TERRORKLOWNS a reality. It’s not often there are killer clown comics out there, I think everyone in America hates clowns these days and I have to say, your clowns aren’t very happy in the stories you’ve self published already. So, what inspired you to do a series like TERRORKLOWNS? What was the passion behind the story and what did you as the writer, have trouble with when coming up with a plot for this subject matter?

Jarrod: First thank you John for this interview, I’m honored to be chatting with you.

And thanks for the kind words, I have to say, TERRORKLOWNS is far from a one man show. I have a fantastic team behind me on this horror series. Ivica Sretenovic is my awesome artist/inker/colorist, who has been working with me for the last 4 years now and is truly dedicated on the TERRORKLOWNS project. My lettering is done by, George E. Warner; an awesome fellow who is also my production guy. His unique talent lends that something special to the series as well. And soon to join the team, is my newest colorist, Todd Raymond. Without this team, I would have nothing at this point; just an idea on a page collecting dust. As for the evil-klown genre, you’re right; there is not enough material on this subject.

Killer Klowns from outer Space was one of the inspirations I had when I created this universe. Then came Steven Kings “IT” which showed me that evil-klown stories can be done in a dark and bloody way. Yet, I wanted to create something that was new and fresh, that no one has ever seen before. So began my passion for evil-klowns and I became engrossed in that horror subject and found myself loving every bit of it, while kicking my creative juices into high gear. For the subject matter on my comics, over the last 20 yrs, I’ve developed enough stories line to run a 22 book over-all arc. But those can always be subject to change as I go along.

JR: What was your favorite horror movie inspiration for TERRORKLOWNS? For artists such as ourselves we have many, but for this particular title what was the number one movie that made you want to do this series?

Jarrod: As I mentioned before, Killer Klowns From Outer Space is my ALL time favorite movie. I’ve seen it close to 300 times, I think. It has such fantastic dark moments that, if you look closely at each scene, you can feel the evil, twisted and malice undertones just screaming off the screen reaching every deep nerve of your body. Giving you the willies and wishing you were somewhere else. And it’s just downright funny as hell too. If you have not seen this film, please go buy it, sit back with friends or loved ones, grab a bag of popcorn or cotton candy and enjoy this movie. It may also inspire you to be a creative type and who knows, you may end up writing a klown horror book as well. As I have. Plus, I got to give a shout out to all those awesome horror flicks from the 80’s. A lot of those films still hold up today. I also created a company called HORRORFiXX Comics to place not only TERRORKLOWNS, but my other horror projects as well. Like my 70 page, Celebrity Horror GN called; DEAD KLOWNS. Starring; Brain Vollmer from the rock band HELIX. This will be out Oct, 2012, just in time for HALLOWEEN.

JR: What are some of the characters like? Do you base them on real people you know? Do you try to create characters we can relate to, or do you have a random character that we can’t stand as an audience, that we want to see slaughtered somewhere in the story?

AHH, great questions;

1. I have many different personalities’ and archetypes in this series. But I will throw in some new fresh ideas when it comes to the heroes and villains. There will be some people you will grow attached to and then there are going to be the a-holes you cannot wait to see die.

2. Yes, 4 of the characters are based on real Celebrities, such as; Brian Vollmer, NiK SiN, Lori Michaels and David Spates, but as any movie or TV roll, they will have different personas in the comic.

JR: How long was this story brewing? Did you already have it in mind, or did it take you several years to develop? What would you believe, is the toughest challenge in the creation process of this series?

For the last 21 years, since 1988 or around 1991 I started to work heavily on this concept. I did not have everything in mind yet, just started off with one klown, the lead klown named; LAUGHING DARK and then I proceeded to create 100 more klowns thereafter. It was not fully developed until 2001 after I went into the US Navy. The tough part was learning how to write story structures, but after a year or so of reading books and learning to write, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and write my series. I started in 2004 and here we are today on the brink of getting it out to the masses, with titles online now and more on the way.

JR: Do you plan this series as an ongoing title? At the end of the day, when all is said and done, knowing all the hard work is over and that everything is set; what would you hope to see with this title? What would you think about this series branching off and someone from a film company noticing this; would you want this to be made into a movie? If so, would you want to be there on the set, just to make sure everything goes according to what you created?

Yes, I see this as an ongoing title, as the first 22 books is one giant arc with smaller story arcs thougout it. After book 22 the game is changed drastically I would love to see how the crowd will respond to this martial. I know there is a high demand for new and original work and I’m going to give that to the people. Hollywood is so busy trying to re-make and/or reboot older movies; they stopped trying to be original. Only a handful of those kinds of movies and/or any other media for that matter turn out to be original. So I have high hopes the audience for this subject matter will respond really well. What I’m trying to say is…in this day and age, originally is king. This is why a lot of creator-owned books are becoming very popular now-a-days. That brings me to your last question, and yes, I would absolutely accept a Movie/TV studio wanting to option TERRORKLOWNS. Being on the set would require details in the contract, but hell yes, I would love to be on set. That would be amazing. For now, my goal is to get picked up by a comic company. As for my dream company, it would be Image. Yep, just like everyone else. I’ve been a fan since their creation and it would be awesome to say I’m on the Image roster. But, any one of those fine companies would be an honor to have a series on their labels. I am putting my best effort into this series as well as my team. Quoting a band called; Dope: “Take your best shot and blow them away.” You only live once and if you look back on life later in age and ask yourself, what did I contribute and did I do what I loved? Did you? Don’t late haters get you down, if you have a goal in life GO FOR IT; never stop reaching for those stars. People who hate on you and tell you will not amount to anything are bitter and do not have any goals in life themselves, no ambitions. So they have to put down others that do have dreams and know they will succeed.

And most importantly; DO NOT GIVE UP! Because when you decide that you will go nowhere and nothing is going to happen, is when it’s really over. You have already failed. But, you can make a different and entertain millions, if you have these goals or any goals for that matter…push hard. You can do it.

JR: Well, this just about wraps things up. Thanks Jarrod for taking the time again, to do this interview and before we end this, what can you tell the readers what’s in store for them? Again thanks!



Or please go to Indy Planet and look up TERRORKLOWNS for the books;


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