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Interview: Tiffany Shepis (The Frankenstein Syndrome)

What attracted you to The Frankenstein Syndrome?

What attracted me to TFS?? There were many things that made me want to be involved with The Frankenstein Syndrome. First it’s not often I get to play characters with brains let alone playing a doctor of sorts. Also I thought Sean Tretta had something special with this script, it was so different I just knew I had to be a part of it.

How was it working with director, Sean Tretta?

Working with Sean was easy..honestly I never really spoke to him on set. We would chat for a minute about the scene or a bit of dialogue I didn’t understand but really we were all so busy it didn’t leave much time for much more then just getting the shot. He’s very, very focused which proved to be the best thing for the project cause I think it came out amazing.

Where was The Frankenstein Syndrome filmed?

We shot it all in Arizona. Most of the movie took place at the Phoenix Memorial hospital. It’s a hospital that had two decommissioned floors that we were lucky enough to shoot on. The other floors were still an operating hospital but for prison inmates!!! Like if you got shanked in prison you would be flown there to recover. Very creepy vibe, especially when you walked out of there alone after a long day of shooting at 4am.

There have been many movies related to Frankenstein, how does this one differ?

I think what Sean was trying to do was take the themes of the original Frankenstein novel and apply them to a modern setting. Sort-of-like, If Mary Shelley would have written her story today, how would it be different? It doesn’t operate like a lot of the Frankenstein movies that have been made, yet the core power of the story is there and super cool in my opinion.

Do you have a favorite Frankenstein movie?

Yes! Young Frankenstein for its comic brilliance and The Frankenstein Syndrome because I’m awesome!!!;)

What do you like about your character, Elizabeth Barnes?

I like that’s she’s intelligent and driven. Most female characters in horror movies are either victims or super-women. Elizabeth feels real to me. Her situation and what happens to her makes sense, even when we get into the really dark horror stuff.

What’s your favorite scene from The Frankenstein Syndrome?

I really like the scene where my character gets the serum right and the heart starts beating for Dr. Walton. I just love the talking to the camera stuff *maybe from my days of E! Channel hosting* but I think it’s a fun scene. Plus I love how much Patty’s character looks so pissed off!!;)

Sometimes bloopers happen. Do you recall any while making The Frankenstein Syndrome?

Not many, I mean we were always pressed for time so there were not a lot of moments for goofing off. I do remember that during the scene where we are carrying David’s body
in to the cell that we could not stop laughing …to the point where we had to keep our heads down to not show the camera. I don’t quite remember what we were laughing about but it get’s to the point where you’re giggling like dumb children and just can’t stop. It reminds you that just cause we’re playing smart doctor types that we’re
still just dumb actors playing pretend!!;)

Do you think the science fiction applied to stem cell research in this
movie will someday become reality?

It’s happening every day NOW. I have friends that work in that field as well as friends who have gotten these type of treatments to help heal their sick organs. So yes.

What other horror projects do you have coming up?

I’m working with Ivan Zuccone again who directed “NYMPHA” on a movie called “The Wraith Of Crows”. It will pair me with Debbie Rochon and we start shooting at the end of July in Italy. I’m also currently shopping another one of Sean (Tretta’s ) projects that I will star and produced with him. So lots of cool new stuff in the future!


Interview: Tiffany Shepis (The Frankenstein Syndrome)

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