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Film Review: The Redsin Tower (2007)


From Fred Vogel (AUGUST UNDERGROUND, AUGUST UNDERGROUND’S MORDUM) comes the latest and greatest Toetag Pictures’ movie! Nothing seems to be going Kim’s way. After recently being dumped, her heartbroken ex-boyfriend has become obsessed with trying to win back her love. Now the party she was supposed to attend with her best friend just got raided. After teaming up with four friends who are not ready to call it a night, the group decides to continue the festivities at the sight of the town’s most notorious urban legend. With the ex-boyfriend seeking vengeance on Kim, and anyone else that gets in his way, the group of friends make the wrong choice when they decide to party at THE REDSIN TOWER.


Written by: Fred Vogel and Shelby Jackson
Directed by: Fred Vogel
Starring: Bethany Newell, Perry Teberio, Jessica Kennedy, AC Earing, Meghan O’ Halloran, Peter Schmidt and Billy D. Martin

Hell-o once again, seekers of the extreme “underground.” This is the first break away from the August Underground series for Toetag Pictures (besides Murder-Set-Pieces, which was only worked on, not made by the company). This film is extremely different from the rest of the films prior and leading up to. It’s shot extremely different. It has an extremely different feel to it. It’s extremely different subject matter… But, as with all of Toetag Pictures’ film… It remains EXTREME. That is what the company is all about. Keeping it extreme. In that sense, this film is no different from the rest of the company’s films. This is extreme horror at it’s absolute finest. You’ve survived the August Underground series. Welcome to The Redsin Tower.

Unlike the above mentioned psuedo-snuff trilogy, this film has a little bit of everything. From the opening credits, you can tell this is something completely different from the rest. The credits themselves are a first for the company. The names sway and flutter away after each is credited. There is an actual score and soundtrack to the film as well, provided by death metal outfit, Pig Destroyer front man, Scott Hull and Zombi (who also helmed most of the score for Murder-Set-Pieces) keyboard Wizard, Steve Moore… Collectively known as Zombi Destroyer. Other tracks throughout the film were brought to us by the legendary Relapse Records (such as Bongzilla). The score when the morbidity and massacre is right around the corner is always subtle. Unlike Hollywood productions that want the viewer to know someone is going to die, five minutes before it actually happens. These jump out and bite you in the ass with a mellow paced score. Something not seen too often within the genre.

Shelby Jackson Vogel’s brother did the colorfully dark art in the film, which is seen throughout in various places. This is also the on-screen debut of Shelby’s accessory line, Razor Blade Candy (which can be purchased from www.toetagpictures.com, along with their films of course, and other goodies). These are hairpins, bobby pins and roach clips with a homicidal and devilish edge.

The picture quality is crystal clear (as apposed to the “found footage” approach). The acting is well done and(no offense to any of the victims in the prior films), the girls are much hotter. Kim, played by Bethany Newell, is incredibly adorable throughout the feature… from (especially) the beginning to well, almost the end. Jessica Kennedy does an awesome job as the evil instigating best friend, Becky, that leads the innocent youth into the night of her life (such as Phyllis was to Mari in The Last House on the Left… the original classic, not the re-make) In this venture into madness (which the company always does so well), the threats are doubled. First, there is the stalking boyfriend, Mitch, played by first timer, Perry Teberio. Then there is Mateo Redsin, among many other threats throughout their stay in the tower. Every actor (except for the Toetag crew, which makes some appearances as well) was a virgin to the screen and pulled it off wonderfully. The characters are very realistic. Just everyday kids looking for a good time.

As with any feature by the Toetag gang, one cannot go without noticing the masterful special effects of the virtuoso known as Jerami Cruise. The special effects are the best of their work so far in my opinion. Some of the make-up took up to seven hours and is well worth it on screen. The film takes a little bit to get the viewer familiar with the characters (which is a very good thing. You get to know the characters very well). There are verbal stories told with ultra violent flashbacks of deformed babies being pulled from the womb, blood drinking, legless hobbling and a brutal decapitation… Then, an hour into the film is where the terror grabs the viewer by the throat and does not let go until the very end. There are twists and turns throughout. Three of my old classmates also worked on this feature as assistants. Yes, I am jealous. It started filming right after I graduated and left the area.

The gore score is always a thirteen plus with Toetag. This is brutally no exception to the usual formula. There are guts pouring, heads rolling, maggots and blood squirting, grotesque vomiting and the absolute best ax murder I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen plenty. This is painfully realistic. It is not your typical blade in the head and their dead, Friday the 13th type of hack, folks. This is a brutally painful ax massacre and the actress involved (I won’t give away who) nails it so wonderfully as she is hacked to a bloody, wailing demise. It just gets worse from there, as a fan of the company would expect (and a fan of horror would hope for)… Much worse.

The cinematography is excellent as well. The transition shots in the beginning are brilliantly executed as well as the voyeuristic points of view through mirrors and from behind bottles. It takes the viewer right behind the characters where all of the murderous action takes place.

I know I give these guys a lot of hype, but trust me, it is well deserved. They have only just begun and have already gained a cult status, which I’m sure will bleed into the horror forefront. The special features include two trailers, a photo gallery, a small Special Effects demonstration (of the infamous ax murder), hosted by master effects Artist Jerami Cruise and a commentary by Toetag Pictures. Also, which I might add, is more professionally done than most big Hollywood productions. Don’t just take my word for it, witness this and all of their films to get the full intensity of what this group is capable of. I can’t wait to see Maskhead… Until then, I give this film, The Redsin Tower, FOUR HORNS UP.

The Redsin Tower (2007)

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