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Film Review: Necroville (2007)


Slackers Jack (Billy Garberina) and Alex (Adam Jarmon Brown) get hired at the local exterminating company, Zom-B-Gone, only to discover that the new job involves eliminating the zombies, vampires, werewolves and other undead creatures that plague the city. Jack’s new responsibilities alienate his demanding girlfriend, Penny (Brandy Bluejacket), and the situation only gets worse when her ex-boyfriend returns to town as the leader of a vampire coven.


We come to a town in a universe where zombies, vampires, werewolves and various underworld monsters roam freely. In fact its so common that survival is part of everyday life, while the residents try to carry about there day to day business. Upon losing their jobs at a local video rental store Jack and Alex are faced with unemployment and take on a new job as exterminators for a place called Zom-B Gone.

Jack and Alex (Adam Jarmon Brown) are a hilarious team that is reminiscent as sort of a Harold and Kumar of the zombie world. While Jack tries to deal with a possessive girlfriend who treats him like crap Alex advises along the way to save Jack from this obvious doomed relationship. As they take on this new job, they begin to realize that it may just be a keeper as they become more and more attuned to the daily ritual of killing the plagued undead. Trouble is brewing as one of Jacks former rivals has become the head vampire influencing Goth kids to join his vampire army. Jack preps as he takes on this new threat and the king of vampires himself.

Necroville is a pretty fun horror-comedy directed by Billy Garberina Who also happens to star in the film as Jack. The film is also co-directed by Richard Griffin. Billy comes across a a natural on screen talent and from the looks of it he is rapidly taking on new roles this year in other horror films. I’m guessing this monster- filled universe called Necroville that they created will see more life into the years ahead.

New comer Brandy Bluejacket (I’m sure not her birth name) is also a nice fit for her role in this film and makes a pretty cute goth to boot. The finale though is well anticipated and with some great lines that follow it.

FX and makeup ranges from really good to cheesy in this comedic tale, but there is no shortage of fun zombie head exploding rapid shooting killing to go around either. Since the debut of the film “Shaun of the Dead”, horror comedies are becoming more frequent on the market.

Though this isnt a bad thing. It takes the edge off all dark and gloom and provides a nice comedic perspectvie to give viewers a change of pace. I could of personally done without the baby brain sucking scene and drug use, but In any case Jack and Alex are a fun team that I’d like to see more of. Now, I won’t spoil the climax, but I’m sure this is a whole new way of dealing with master vampires and pretty inventive….great stuff!

The extras on the DVD are pretty entertaining as well, so I’d give them a whirl. The horror genre welcomes this new comedic team into the ranks of high entertainment and splatter inducing gore-play.

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