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TV Review: Ghost Adventures / Ghosts Don’t Exist

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Fan of Ghost Adventures??? We are, and you can’t loose with a combo pact that adds a 2nd program just for kicks. Theres something about this series that while frigthtful at times is in its own arena with a touch of obnxious, absurdity and still educational to some degree. Zak is one charcter that just crates his own mold as an unlikely ghost hunter meets rock star persona. Check out the synopsis below for a quick overview…one to own and provides some pretty quality entertainment.

By now you all should be well aware of the show “Ghost Adventures” though this version might surprise you as its an early demo of the show before it got turned into a series. Strangely enough it contains one of the most compelling pieces of ghost footage I’ve seen to date on the show. Zak Bagans and Nick Groff are onboard though looking much younger than we are used to. In fact, Zak is far removed from his black shirt days we presently are accustomed to. The show is well done and not surprising that it got picked up.

Though Zak is a more calmer, professional Zak than the outrageous and over the tope one we have come to know. The show is well edited and manages to mix in alot of Arizona haunted places into its debut. We get plenty of the usual things like orbs and evps but the one shot of an apparition is creepy to say the least. The debut is  presented as 4Reel’s Ghost Adventures which main intention was to present an independent documentary television film. I believe fans of the show will want to see this early attempt or even to gauge the directions the show has gone.

In this full-length film that inspired the hit Travel Channel series, Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin visit the Old Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nevada, and the Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada—two of the most notoriously haunted sites in America. During the height of their existence, the two infamous locations were the scene of rape, murder, and other crimes of passion…a recipe for trapped souls. Prepare yourself for the creepiest footage ever caught on tape: where others won’t set foot, the team witnesses a full-bodied apparition, a poltergeist that sends them running, and more shocking evidence that proves ghosts exist.
Includes BONUS DVD!

Ghost hunter Brett Wilson struggles to move on from the death of his wife, Nicole, and their child. On the verge of retiring, he needs a phenomenal case to wrap up his paranormal TV show. When someone calls claiming that Nicole contacted him, it seems that a fan is desperate for attention…but the call is far from a ploy, and Brett takes on a bizarre case that quickly turns personal—and deadly.

Not Rated – Adult Situations, Profanity; Not Rated – Adult Situations, Violence / Available in Canada

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