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Louisiana Paranormal Investigators

Jill Wilder / Louisiana Paranormal Investigators

How did you first get interested in the paranormal?

I lived in a house that had paranormal activity. We would see shadows, hear walking up and down the hall, cabinets opening and shutting, a growling noise, and a lady in black with no face. Upon research of the home, it was a pentecostal church at one point then a mayonnaise store. I was always scared of it, after doing research i came to an understanding that they were not there to harm us. This peaked my interest more in the paranormal field and created my own group with investigators that have either had experiences of their own or have an interest in finding to truth. We want to help people understand they do not have to be afraid.

Is there anything out there to be afraid of?

i think people should understand that there are more cases coming out about EXORCISMS being performed. investigators need to prepare themselves at all times. we never know what we are coming up against so my team and i pray before and after investigations for protection. i know talking about exorcisms sounds weird, but demonic activity is becoming more and more.

 Would you say that there is a lot of paranormal activity in your area?

yes there is, but a lot of people are scared to have investigators come in the event of making it worse.

What is the most valuable tool to take with you on an investigation?

our ir cameras and digital voice recorders.

How often do you go out on investigations?

we do investigations about twice a month and we mostly do them on weekends. we all have families and jobs, so we need the time to review and report back to the clients. we do not abandon our clients so we have a total of about 20 cases we are currently working on to help them

What is the most common thing that you investigate?

depending on what you mean as in thing, if you are talking about places it is mostly homes across louisiana, if you are talking about activity, then most of the clients are hearing noises, being touched, seeing shadows, hearing people talk when no one is there.

How long does it take to learn how to become a paranormal investigator?

Well this would depend on the person. when accepting new members, i watch to see how they react with the group and myself, then i like to see how well they use the equipment and such. I usually take them to places like a graveyard for training purposes. some people pick it up faster than others. i would guess it takes about three months.

How do you feel about all the Ghost Hunting television programs?

well i have been through one a new series coming out on syfy and i was told by directors on how to say things and some things were not true at all. so this makes me doubt some things i see or hear on t.v. i know what my team and i experience is legit and we are not getting paid for it, the shows are. ive sorta lost faith in the shows and dont watch them as much as i used to.

Do you have one experience that stands out among the rest?

one experience is about the house i lived in. my younger brother when he got scared would come and sleep in my bed. i felt something get in my bad and i thought it was him. i was half asleep and then i realized my brother had went to a friend’s house. i sat up in my bed and my bedroom door was partially opened, it had moved like maybe something walked through the crack or air had pushed on the door.

well i hope this helps and if you need anything else, please let me know. thank you very much and have a great day

We are Louisiana Paranormal Investigators
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