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The House In The Pines – Official Teaser Trailer

4th Dimension Pictures and Brownspace Films have released the official teaser trailer for the upcoming horror feature, “The House In The Pines”, brought to you by the minds who created Nightmare on Elm Street – Dream Warriors and Dream Master. Also by the team behind Friday the 13th Vengeance.

A classic horror movie with that ’80s slasher style and a dash of paranormal. A group of high school friends visit the NJ Pine Barrens for a summer getaway. Confronted with revenge, gangsters, ghosts and flames, only the strong and fortunate will survive.

Directed by Mick Strawn and Jeremy Brown, produced by John DiRenzo Michael Joy and Mario Cerrito III, with FX specialist Nick Benson!

The House In The Pines – Facebook page

Please direct any inquiries to 4thdimensionpictures@gmail.com

Mario Cerrito, Mick Strawn, Nick Benson, Michael Joy, and John DiRenzo

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